• When: 04/15/15
  • QIC: Yellow Cake
  • The PAX: Shake n Bake, Kimye, Penny Pincher, The Closer, Heisenberg, Candy Stripe, Pepto, Yellow Cake

I’ll take another hill, Butler!

Eight (That’s 8 for those keeping track at home) Pax stomped Mr Fartsack in the nuts and posted to what Dr. Pinky called a humdinger of a run.  He didn’t actually say that.  YHC believes his exact words were, “OH NO!”  This workout was especially wonderful because of the Twitchy Stride workout on Monday complements of Fracture.  Send comments to his email address:

[email protected]

Y’all can thank Malfunction Junction for this workout.  Send all feedback to his email address:

[email protected]

Conditions: Warm and muggy with a hint of sprinkles… and not the colourful kind. (Did I just insert an English accent in there?)


Turn right on Main street and head down the hill.  Turn left on Harmon.  Turn left on Butler.  Turn on Crout and head back around.  Head up the hill again and turn on Oswald and head back around.  Head up the hill a third time and turn left on Creps St.  Head back around.  Rinse and repeat until time expires.


It was awesome to see better than average attendance at Stride this morning.  Those who posted all put in solid efforts towards getting better together!  Kimye was training for the Quarry Crusher and inserted some downhill sprints in there as well.  God speed on Saturday!


  • BRR HC still needed for Lexington team 2
  • Quarry Crusher this Saturday
  • Stomp the Swamp August 29th.  Kimye says a special medal will be prepared for F3 and FIA for those who double down that day.  Aye!


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