• When: 04/18/2014
  • QIC: Candy Stripe
  • The PAX: Netflix, Utah, Treadmill, Conseco, Wapner, Boo, Weekend Special, Quisenberry, PBR, Meatball, Candy Stripe

I cant count when you’re talking

11 PAX Posted at TP for a wonderfully wet workout.

Conditions: Wet and humid

disclaimer and prayer

The Thang:

Mosey down the hill and circle it up:  all exercises in cadence SSHx20, MCx20 “this exercise has been band from graveyard so you will have to travel to get u sum”, TTTx20, peterparkerx20, WMx20, parker petersx20

mosey to the brick pile, take 2 and call me in the morning.  mosey over to the cinder block apparatus for a pseudo-ring of fire:  each PAX takes a turn performing the incline-merkin to dip x7, do this with hands on the cinder blocks for your incline merkin, then use a little abs to pull your legs through to your front and dip your doughnut in the coffee brewed by the previous PAX.  the rest of the PAX perform Curls, triceps extensions, shoulder press, rows and forearm curls.  PAX do AMRAP and change after every 2 PAX complete the exercise in the middle.  after circle completed by all PAX recover.  next exercise in the center it to step up on cinder blocks and perform 10 deep squats holding on to the 50lb ruck sack.  PAX on the outside of circle perform the same exercises as above until all PAX complete the circle.

more exercises planned but arms to tired.  lets use some legs and abs before we come back to the bricks.

mosey over by the brick pile at the start of a little Bodybuilder circuit. PAX will run to center cones and perform 5 8count bodybuilders then run up the hill and perform 15 Russian twists run back down and perform 5 more 8ct bodybuilders. run back to the start and perform15 BBSU.  rinse and repeat decreasing the number of Bodybuilders by one after each lap.  Russian twists and BBSU remain fixed at 15.  finish up strong on the last lap of 1 bodybuilder.

mosey back to the ring of bricks when done.  PAX duck walk around the circle with 50 lb ruck on chest.  rest of the pax perform curls.  YHC had a major brain fart here and thought we were running out of time.  this is obviously do to the length of absence from Qing  YHC has had.  With that said after PBR performed a beautiful DUCK walk YHC called an audible and went straight into Low Boy merkins with bricks on the Q’s call.  quantity of 10. hold in the down position between reps.  down time increased by one second (or so) after each rep.  Do the best to keep your foreskin off the turf in the down position.  recover.  same concept on the next exercise but doing shoulder press with bricks.  recover.

return bricks and blocks to pile and mosey back to the parking lot cause we are done right…

negative. That was a premature Completion. circle up for some MARY and some grass munching.  FKx?? IC T-claps to Quisenberry for being the only PAX I could hear counting so about 35 reps give or take. HT x20 IC, dying Cockroach x16 IC,supermansx15IC, low side plank dips x8 each side IC, heels to heavenx20 IC, Hello Dolly x20 IC, IW x45 seconds AMRAP

COT: count off, Namorama



  • May 1: GORUCK Custom Light.
  • BBR
  • stomp the swamp

Prayer Requests:

Phillips family: additional testing being performed

injured pax healing up

F3 and Fia at the fire truck pull

F3 brothers at the quarry crusher run

Devo: by Treadmill

2 Peter 3:3 Above all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires.








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