• When: 2020-09-12
  • QIC: Alter Boy
  • The PAX: Socrates, Enos, Fiji, Loose Screw, Lizard Man, Columbo, Handlebar, Papagiorgio, Tardy

Good Learnding for the StrutBrigade & The Herd

10 pax met at Strut today to take the #DRP and go through the “how” of the F3 workout in the process.

Q: Why do we do have Q-School?

A: To teach the pax the proper way to lead a workout and the importance of

F3 was given freely to us. As we give it to others, it is important for us to preserve the consistency of its method and standards. “I am 3rd” says it all. It’s not about me, it’s about others.

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Mosey to area beside pull up bars (No pull ups today. Sorry, Fiji.)

COP: Emphasizing “How to count”

Windmills x 10
Hillbillies x 10
Imperial Walkers x 10
Slo-mo Squats x 10
Through the Tunnel x 15
Lil’ Baby Arm Circles (F) x 10
Lil’ Baby Arm Circles (B) x 10
Flutter kicks x 10
‘Mercans x 10 (OYO)

Mosey to canteen

Partner work (Accountability)

Partner up for remainder of workout

Total 100 reps
Partner 1 Body Weight Rows
Partner 2 Run around planters
High plank on 6


P1 ‘Mercans
P2 Run
Wrestlers bridge on 6


P1 Squats
P2 Run
People’s Chair on 6


P1 Calf raises
P2 Stationary lunges

The Beast
Jump Squats
Mtn Climbers
Russian Twists
Diamond ‘Mercans

Flutter kicks x 15
Hello Dolly x 15
Bicycle crunches x 15
Turkish getups x 2



Moleskin: Whether you’re a pax that has never led a workout, or a seasoned veteran Q — it’s always good to go over the fundamentals of the 1stF and review the Q-101 material. We had a great group of guys this AM at Strut, all of whom are seasoned workout leaders. Any time the Strut Brigade and The Herd join forces, a good time is guaranteed.

Announcements: Parking Lot Coffeeteria at Trevett’s following WO.

Prayer requests:
Lockbox injury to leg.
Lizard Man going to assist fighting wildfires out West.

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