• When: 2017-12-28
  • QIC: Hemingway
  • The PAX: Cookout, Hops, Pass Ball, Happy Trees, Hemingway

Goat Hill Reaper (or Making One Pax’s Dream a Reality)

During a convergence run around River Bluff High School, a friend of mine (Happy Trees) mentioned his desire to run The Reaper as we mosey’d up the hill where said workout occurs each Friday morning. Happy Trees had yet to run The Reaper because of its distance from his home AO (Smokehouse). Being Christmas and having two Q’s placed relatively close together, I decide to hijack The Reaper in order to make Happy Tree’s dream a Christmas Miracle…and to make things easier on myself!

Conditions: 35 Windy and Cold



It’s Tomahawk, enough said.

The Thang:

“Goat Hill Reaper”

Mosey to Goat Hill, then get Reaper-ish.

Run to the Top Stop Sign and do 21 Push ups. Run to the Bottom Stop Sign and do 21 LBC’s. Rinse, repeat, and add a repetition each round.


1/1 Convergence at LHS

1/6 Saluda Launch and The Evil Which Shall Not Speak Its Name (50K)