• When: 2017-12-28
  • QIC: Choo Choo
  • The PAX: Contra, Columbo, Inuit, Ocho Cinco, Swamp Thing, Tea Party, Choo Choo

Blocks & Ladders, Ladders & Blocks

Due to some circumstances within and outside my control, I find myself amid training for a half marathon 1/21 and my first ruck event 1/27 so I brought some of that training to #TheHerd.

Conditions: Clear but breezy and a not-so-welcome 32 degrees

The Thang:


Mosey to canteen for warm up
Mountain Climbers x15 IC
LBAC (forward) x15 IC
SSH x15 IC
LBAC (backwards) x15 IC

Mosey towards blockpile
(about this time is when Tea Party graced us with his presence & Columbo turned off the lights in his vehicle; now #TheHerd was ready!)
Merkins OYO 2:00 AMRAP (PAX encouraged to shoot for 40)

Grab a block and line up towards parking lot
Bear Crawl dragging block ~30 yards to agility ladders

PAX were split into 2 groups with 2 blocks on the opposite end of the ladder.  PAX would take turns moving thru the ladder, completing called exercise, returning through the ladder.  Waiting PAX would complete other called exercise.  It went something roughly like this (there may have been more and they may not have happend exactly like this; it was cold):

Run through ladder / 5 squats with block / Big Boy Sit Ups while you wait
Hop / 10 Kettle Bell Swings / SSH
Shuffle / Bent Over Rows / Imperial Walkers
Crossover / Bench Press / Lunge in place
Run / Fireman’s Carry / Freddie Mercury’s
Bear Crawl / Squat Press / Plank
Shuffle / Run to End of Parking Lot / Flutter kick
Side Stradle Hop / Decline Merkins / Imperial Walkers
Carry Blocks back to pile

Mosey back to shovel flag
Big Boy Sit Ups OYO 2:00 AMRAP (PAX encouraged to shoot for 50)


Prayer Requests:

Swamp Thing


  • F Ave 5k Race @ Stampede in the morning
  • Ocho Cinco on the Q Saturday
  • Convergence 1/1/18 at Lexington High School / 07:00 / 4 workouts available / Please contact Choo Choo if interested in Clown Car (06:30 from Jumanji) / No Stampede or Jumanji
  • GrowRuck08 – 1/27/18 (payment due 1/5/18)
  • Q Sheet wide open for 2018 for Jumanji (and Stampede)

TCLAPS to Columbo for running pre-bootcamp solo and Contra for dragging me out to ruck before as well.