• When: 2019-12-05
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Swayze, Wilson, Wire Nuts, Kiffin, Rosie, Field Goal, Gypsy, Dozer, Taurasi (R), Black Light, Muggy Tape, Feeny, Nub

Glorious Gloom trip to BeechHouse


So after a short trip from the metropolis that is Batesburg-Leesville, we arrived at the Beech.  I’ll admit I should have left a few mins earlier to properly scope out this new AO but I knew all I really needed were some lights, not so much as to see what we were doing but so that all the BeechHouse pax would get a good look at one of my clown car pax Swayze’s wonderful running shorts in the Glorious Gloom.  Upon pulling in most of the AO was dark, but some of the early arriverz that were putting in some early walk/ruck/run work assured me that at 5am lights would not be a problem and of course they were right BAM, 5am let there be light!  CAUTION:  shield your eyes from the running shorts or you could be blinded.  This was my first Q at BeechHouse and these guys worked and had alot of fun with each other in the process and here’s what went down (NOTE:  Smokehouse is only a short 15 min or so drive so come visit sometime 🙂

Conditions: just cold enough so that work will need to be done to get the sweat going

1 min warning, Disclaimer, Prayer


SSH x 10 IC

Smurfjacks x 10 IC

Dirtybirds x 10 IC keep arms up

LBAC F&R x10 IC keep arms up

OHC x 10 IC keep arms up

Recover.  The Thang:  Grab 2 bricks from YHC’s truck and circle back up, bricks were to be held at all times through the rest of the Thang

DB’s x 10 IC keep arms up

LBAC F&R x 10 IC keep arms up

OHC’s x 10 IC

Recover.  Slowsy to side parking lot.

Cones set up 25yds apart and explain the Quarter Pounder w/Cheese.  Individual routine:  Run to 1st cone, 25 Plankjacks then backpedal to start.  Run to 2nd cone 50 Squats, backpedal to start. Run to 3rd cone 75 American Hammers, backpedal back to start. Run to 4th cone 100 LBC’s, backpedal to start and plank on the six.

Plankorama: Middle, right arm up then down to 3 Merkins, left arm up then down to 3 Merkins. Recover

Partner routine:  Moving the first cone back to 20 yds, pax would partner up and complete a DORA routine.  P1 starts exercise when P2 Bear crawls to cone and crawl bears back, flapjack until numbers were met.  100 V-ups, 200 Flutter kicks, 300 Heel taps.  plank on the six and recover.

Plankorama: Middle, Right arm up then 5 merkins, left arm up/5 merkins, Right leg up/5 one leg merkins, left leg up/5 one leg merkins.  Recover.

Mosey back to flag, bricks up.  Circle for Mary-exercises were Prison Cell Merkin Burpees, Heel Taps, Pickle pounders, Boat/Canoe, TTT and ending with calf raises.

Time called.  #tclaps men


Christmas Party 12/14

Families helping Families (see MT for details and see Gypsy for all your Christmas present wrapping needs)

Prayer requests:

Bulldog’s mom

Raft’s M

Dozer’s small group’s unexpected death of friend

Family of the child killed in the hunting accident

BOM w/devo prayer. 

When Peter was walking on water toward Jesus, he quickly became distracted by the wind and waves. Like me, he began to sink (Matthew 14:29-30). But as soon as Peter cried out, “immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him” (vs. 30-31).  When life’s distractions take hold and you feel like you are sinking, no matter what we’re going through, He is there. He is here. Next to us at that moment, in this moment, ready to reach out and rescue us.