• When: 2019-04-16
  • QIC: Hops + Postal
  • The PAX: KOON DOG 🦝 🐶 boo boo, Mia, bulldog, Shorthaul, Genie, cheers, ken doll, Magellan, soaker, fry daddy, buzzsaw, dunphy, nick, giggity, grout, rah rah, hatchet, hammer, pickaxe, passball, natureboy, overnight, toe ring, dirt dobber, Niles, whisper, Quisenberry, tater, Ranger, booster.

Gauntlet day 7 Goat Hill backblast

Day 7 of the Gauntlet led these eager men to Gilbert where the infamous Goat Hill awaited our best efforts!

This beast of a course didn’t disappoint and we had our fill of burpees and hand release merkins!

Here’s how the Goat hill guantlet went down!

Big thanks to Grout for showing up and keeping us motivated with toons and a few notes that floated down the goat hill from the back of a truck, nice touch!

Condtions: crisp and clear 45 some stargazers we enraptured with the galaxy and mentioned seeing some shooting stars… YHC wasn’t so lucky. 🌠

Goat Hill Gauntlet – at cross-walk, perform 11 Burpees– run up goat hill and at third sign, perform 11 Big Boy Sit-ups– return to crosswalk at bottom of hill and perform 11 hand-released merkins– run around bus loop to first corner and perform 11 squats– run to opposite corner and perform 11 iron crosses

Return to crosswalk at bottom of hill and repeat the process.  Add a rep for each additional round you add.   Complete as many rounds as possible.

This course was brutal but Day 7 didn’t stand a chance against these men who aren’t deterred by the toughest of amrap courses! Great job!

HUGE praise report form Nick about wife and getting a good report! Amen!

Fist bump to Hops for organizing the event and sharing a solid word about the prodigal son and brother, who both needed forgiving.

YHC was publicly brought to the table about leaving off and “un-named” pax who literally was left un-named, cobains. However if you’ll direct your attention to the top of the page you will find an extra special dose of shout out specially placed for my un named buddy.  🦝  🐕

great time Today! Tomorrow he head to the raging waters of surge and take on their flood course! ROCKY CREEK ELEMENTARY

Announcemnts: cross ruck 0400 river bluff all welcome! See pre-blast