• When: 2023-05-02
  • QIC: Coon Dog
  • The PAX: Duff, Brick, Hash & Rice, Ramrod, Garth, LEGO, Buzz Saw, Revere, Coon Dog

Fun with Blocks

Weather Conditions: 56°

9 pax ventured out on this beautiful morning, with an impressive 7 of them arriving early for StrideLite.  Straying from the overly used Neighborhoods Route, the pax opted instead for the Secret Passage Route that runs by Hash’s former residence.  Upon returning, and getting set for boot camp, everyone was hoping for the opportunity to put in some work with the blocks, and YHC did his best to deliver.  When it was all over, shoulders and arms were shot.  All in all, it was a great morning.  As for the workout, here is how it went:

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey across the bridge and circle up

COP – All IC

▪ x25 SSH

▪ x20 Imperial Walkers

▪ x15 TTT

▪ x10 Windmills

Mosey to the Block Pile, grab a block, and line up on the baseline

Partner Up and as a pair complete the listed exercise

100 – Burpees

200 – Jump Squats

300 – Merkins 

• Partner 1 start with listed exercise

• Partner 2 Farmer Carry to the end of the field, leave blocks, and mosey back

• Flip flop

• Partner 1 mosey to the end of the field and Farmer Carry the blocks back

• Partner 2 pick up the count of the exercise and continue

• Continue until all reps are complete

Chest Press & Block Merkins (Individual)

• x30 Chest Press & x30 Block Merkins

• Rinse & repeat with sets for 20 and 10




▪ 05/02   Meal Train(s) Link to be Posted

▪ 05/02   Shawshank T-Shirt Order Link to be Posted

▪ 05/06   Run Hard 5k

▪ 05/13   Shawshank Anniversary

▪ BRR Slot Available (Looking at you Brick)

▪ TBD      Shawshank Pool Party

▪ TBD      Shawshank Christmas Party

Prayer Requests & Praises

▪ Muggy Tape and family

▪ Garth’s M, Janet

▪ Cheer’s M, Ashley


DEVO:  Giants by Travis Price – from Press On 100 Devotions

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