• When: 2020-02-22
  • QIC: Booo
  • The PAX: Equation, Onesie (welcome to TP, fellas) Booster, Pickaxe, Hammer, Wapner, Buttermaker (R), Canseco, Globogym, Sunday Driver, Little Giants, ChHeddar, Quisenberry, Booo

Fun and Games

Conditions:  It was cold but we got warm quickly

The Thang:  YHC took the first 30 minutes with a Q built from a 9U baseball tournament from last Saturday.  YHC’s 2.0 engaged in horseplay before game 1 and hurt himself so exercise 1 was to run the length of the basketball court and back, exactly what 2.0 will be doing when he is healed.

The next series of exercises were based upon scores per inning.  Burpees for all of our runs in the top of the first so…zero burpees.  Napalms for all of their runs in the bottom of the first so 6 in cadence.  Burpees for all of our runs in the top of the second so 1 burpee in cadence.  Napalms for all of their runs in the bottom of the second so 18 in cadence.  Ouch.

YHC still ticked at 2.0 so another run.

Then 25 curls for girls and 25 shoulders in cadence for total runs.  Then we relaxed while YHC told the PAX about 2.0 complaining about getting a free ticket to 1st base on a catcher’s interference call.  We did 10 squats in cadence for every time 2.0 said ‘stupid catcher ruined my at bat’

We did something similar for game 2 which resulted in 7 napalms, 39 curls for girls and 39 shoulders all in cadence (39 represented all runs for both games; 38 for them, 1 for us).  There were a few motivators thrown in there but YHC bailed on those early on due to extreme fatness and out of shapeness.

Sunday Driver then took over for a rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee.  Once upon a time UF was a staple of Saturday TP workouts.  Glad to see it is back.  Lots of scoring for both sides.  Booster was everywhere as always.  Wapner was throwing with pinpoint accuracy.  And Canseco brought cleats and made a bid for MVP.  The main positives were 1) no injuries and 2) each and every PAX made plays to help their respective teams.  This is when F3 games are at their best.

Announcements:  Convergence at Graveyard 2/29

Prayers: Dear Diary, Molly and Canseco’s friend

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