• When: 2020-02-21
  • QIC: Toothpick
  • The PAX: TOY, Grillz, Beads, Special K, Wanna be, Selfie, WHAM, Turncoat, Turnpike, Kamikaze, Toothpick.

Country Comes to Town

YHC was asked by TOY to make the trek into town from the Hinterlands of Chapin for a guest Q at The Castle-happy to oblige. 11 brave souls showed up this morning to get better-appreciate the crowd-bunch of solid dudes at this “little slice of heaven” near Ft. Jackson.

Conditions: 33 degrees and thankfully not raining.

Disclaimer followed by:



TTT x 20 IC (Castle PAX are “clappers,” just FYI…)

IW x 20 IC

LAC x 10 front and x 10 back.

The Thang:

11’s -10 merkins/1 plank jack…9 merkins/2 plank jacks…8/3…7/4…you get the idea. I was asked to leave at this point…

Run from Club House (never typed that before in a BB) to the first cul-de-sac for:

20 monkey humpers and 20 BBSU topped off with 3 burpees

Next cul-de-sac for: 20 mountain climbers IC, 20 slow squats, 6 burpees

Run to guard shack then lung walk around median…recover and run to next cul-de-sac for: 20 shoulder taps, 20 LBC’s, 9 burpees

Final cul-de-sac: 20 lunges, 20 slow count merkins, 12 burpees

Run back to Club House and retrieve 2×35# plates and 2×45# plates for hair burners. Four teams line up, PAX #1 does hairburners across parking lot while #2 squats and #3 performs merkins. Once #2 is done, run to relieve #1 and rotate through. As always, this was a #crowdpleaser. Hair burners never disappoint.

Park plates and circle up for Mary: flutter kicks IC x 31, Freddy Mercury x 20.

Front/back/go for final minute and a half.


Thanks for the invite TOY-enjoyed it, I’ll be back.

Michael l Helmley-Free Bird on The Castle Q Monday.

Push to get milk carton PAX back out.

Cotton Mouth Pre-Blast is up.

Prayers & BOM.

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