• When: 2020-02-18
  • QIC: Abby Womback
  • The PAX: Stats, Bolt, Mayplant, Big Load, Schrute, Neon, Gameplan, Dufresne, Skipper, Sacajawea, Abacus, Cornwallis, Abby Womback, Tweetsie, Kiffin, Mayhem, pothole,

A Little Runnin

Warm up with SSH (IC) x 20, woodchoppers (IC) x 18, Imperial Walkers (IC) x 20 arm circles (10 each direction) and cross leg stretches

Not enough bricks for the large PAX so change of plans, much to the chagrin of those in attendance. Mosey to Fair/Chesnut. 40 LBC, 20 Hello Dolly.

Indian Run to Fair/Union (without bricks). 25 American Hammer and 15 BBsit ups. Plank sequence. Indian run Greene/Fair. Plank Sequence. Imperial Walkers 25

Run to Greene Street Hill. 6 laps with 15 monkey humpers at bottom and 15 merkins at top. Alternate run backwards/frontwards up hill each lap

Indian Run back to Fair/Union,  40 LBC and 20 Boxcutters, SSH 25, 20 Freddie Mercury

Mosey to Fair/Chesnut. 5 each normal, diamond and wide spread merkins. Rinse and repeat.

Indian run to flag.

Morning seemed to fly by.


Count-O-Rama- PAX 19

Welcome FNG- RICO- Don Hicks

Prayer requests- Mayplant’s friend in Bethune with nose bleed issues

Announcements- Sign up for Watchdogs and muffins with moms


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