• When: 2019-05-30
  • QIC: Chum Lee
  • The PAX: Hot Stick, I-Mom, All 9s, Honey Boo-Boo, Pole Cat, Happy Trees, Smokey, Nub, Muggy Tape, Cramps, Wild Hog, Hedges, Chuck Wagon, Tiger Blood, Hops, Hollywood, Pull Out, Babe, Urkel, Scotch, Grout, Brickhouse, Rah Rah, Dirt Dauber, Chum Lee

Football Follies

It’s always a blast playing football with the men of The Hollow and Smokehouse and we just couldn’t wait until football season to keep the rivalries alive.  Some are a little better than others kicking, some are a little better at fielding, and one of us needs to enter the NFL now.  Not sure who “won” or if anyone was keeping score, but good times were had by all as predicted.  Can’t wait to get together with you guys again!

Conditions:  69 degrees



The Thang:

The game:

Here is how the game was played:  Team Hollow and Team Smokehouse/Tomahawk lined up on opposing 25 yard lines and faced each other.  When a team punted the ball, the whole team performed an exercise (we began the game with two burpees) as the ball traveled down field.  The ball was then punted back to the other team from the spot it was fielded. The team that kicked the ball into the endzone won the game. No one could punt the ball twice in a row.  The loser had 10 burpees and the winner had 5.  For each successive game, the winning team chose the exercise and reps for the next game which included merkins, squat jumps, SSHs, and star jumps.

Count Off

Name Off

Announcements:  None

Prayer Requests:  McCutchan family, Ricard family, Rilo’s mother (cancer), our country’s leaders