• When: 2017-11-14
  • QIC: Chum Lee
  • The PAX: Four Balls, Hops, Grout, Scotch, Inspector Mom, Stalker, Honey Boo Boo, Slum Lord, Cramps, Brick Bat, Cook Out, Ump, Dirt Dauber, Nub, Pull Out, Pole Cat, and Chum Lee

Football Follies

It was great to have our brothers from the Hollow and Smokehouse join us for a little pigskin fun. Just so you know, a soaking wet football is difficult to kick. Regardless, the PAX did not complain and competed tirelessly.

Conditions: Cool 39 degrees



The Thang:

At the stadium:

Enter the stadium and line up across the goalline. Lunge for twenty yards, then Frankensteins for twenty.

The game:

Team Hollow/Smokehouse and Team Tomahawk line up on opposing 35 yard lines and face each other. Being that Hollow/Smokehouse is our guest, they will kick first (punt). Here is how the game will be played: When your teammate punts the ball, your team will perform an exercise (will begin the game with two burpees) as the ball travels down field. The ball will be punted back to the other team from the spot it was fielded. The team that kicks the ball into the endzone wins. No one can punt the ball twice in a row. The loser has 10 burpees and the winner has 5.   The winning team chooses the exercises for the next game (which included merkins, BB sit-ups, SSH, and plank jacks).

Mosey to Flag

Count Off

Name Off

Announcements: Tomahawk and Red Haven convergence Monday 11/20 at 5:00, Christmas Party in December some time, we will converge at Hollow on Thanksgiving, join the Christmas Parade the 1st Saturday in December, Bull has a dice game for us Thursday, and Run group meets at bus loop at 5:15 tomorrow morning

Prayer Requests: Doris (Slum Lord’s Grandmother) had open heart surgery, the people of Texas, Ump’s mother (chemo), and the GHS football players with concussions