• When: 02/12/2015
  • QIC: Meatball
  • The PAX: Fat Tire, FNG-Slosh (Chris Henson), Slumlord, Buzz Saw, Bearded Lady, Yee Haw, Knowzit, Bed Pan, Genie, Half Empty, Elmers, Mayhem, Lego, Dunphy, Myrtle, Onside, Heisenberg, Radar, Muggy Tape, Gravedigger, Saw Dust, Meatball

First Exercise is Boat-Canoe?

22 Pax including 1 FNG got out of their fartsacks for what they thought would be just another day at Shawshank.  They learned early on that YHC was either delusional or reading his weinke upside down.  YHC had the workout written out early yesterday and then read an article posted on Twitter from Men’s Health that said abs work should be done at the beginning of a workout.  So YHC decided to do the workout backwards.  Doing the abs work first allowed the Pax to eliminate some unwanted “air” early.  So when your reading this, it is in the correct order of the workout.

Weather: 36 degrees and clear

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang:
Mosey backwards to large soccer field – Watch out for the big yellow speed bumps.  Only one Pax hit the ground.  He is ok.

Circle up for 6 Minutes of Mary

Boat/Canoe x 4
Russian Twist – 20 IC
Flutterkicks – 20 IC
Heel Touches – 20 IC
LBC’s – 20 IC
Low Plank – 1 min

Line up on fence
10 Wall/Fence burpees OYO
Peoples Chair – 1 min
10 Wall/Fence Burpees OYO
Peoples Chair – 1 min with alternating overhead arm claps and arms out front
10 Wall/Fence Burpees OYO
Balls to the Wall – 1 min

Line up on goal line – Count 1’s and 2’s
1’s run to other end of field and back while 2’s do BBSU
Rinse/Repeat with Squats
Rinse/Repeat with Jump Lunges
Rinse/Repeat with Merkins

Get into groups of 5 or 6 (we had 3 groups of 5 and 2 groups of 6)
Indian run in small groups for 6 min back and forth from goal line to goal line.  4 laps completed.

Circle Up
Burp & Merk
Start with 1 burpee, add 1 merkin each burpee, pyramid up to 10 and back down to 1

LBAC – 10 backwards IC, 10 forwards IC
TTT – 20 IC
SSH – 51 IC (crowd pleaser)

Mosey back to shelter – legs a little numb after the SSH’s


FNG Chris Henson works in finance.  Names thrown out were Madoff, Bernie.  Pax thought we already had those names.  He worked out with a camel bag on his back and when he ran the water made a sloshing sound.  Therefore, Slosh it is.  Slosh also mentioned after he was named that he has also dropped 220 lbs.  T-Claps to him.  F3 will now help him get that summer six pack.


Moleskin:  This morning’s workout was a little unorthodox to all, except for the FNG who didn’t know any different.  YHC was challenged the night before to get a Pax to spill merlot.  Challenge was accepted but YHC failed.  The pax worked hard and put in 100%. Good to see we still have FNG’s coming out almost a year after F3 started in Lexington.  Keep EH’ing those sadclowns out there. They need F3 in their lives.


  • 3rdF – SecondWind meets every Tuesday at 4:40am at Gator Commons near the RBHS Football Stadium.
  • Wander (Ruck): Irmo side of the dam Sunday mornings at 530am.  Check Twitter as the starting location may vary from week to week.
  • March 7: One Year Anniversary Convergence at Graveyard. While March 1 marks our 1-yr anniversary, we’ll celebrate on Saturday, 3/7. New goal: 175 pax! Get the EH machine rolling.
  • April 11: Ultimate Challenge Mud Run. Registration is open. This is F3’s Super Bowl. DO NOT register on the mud run site. F3 will have a special link with which to register. YHC will be the F3 Mud Run QIC. Also, No Show has agreed to be our Mud Run Region Q.

Prayer Requests:  There were many prayer requests for family members with the flu.  Lego’s wife having surgery for kidney stones.  Just received word that surgery went well.  Prayers continue for Walker and family as he is coming off some meds and has seen an increase in seizures the last few days.

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