• When: 04/29/15
  • QIC: Yellow Cake
  • The PAX: Permit, Simon Says, TheBigPeter, House, Treadmill, Ginger, Quisenberry, Floppy Disk, Candystripe, Meatball, Hoser, Freon, Swanson, Mac, Say What, Spackle, Ranger, FDIC, Thumbs Up, Pepto, Yellow Cake

F3Stride Celebrates 1 year of Getting Better by… you guessed it, Running!

21 Pax (Some arrived later than others) posted to celebrate another F3 milestone.  Lexington’s first Running AO launched on April 28, 2014 at River Bluff HS to run speed on the track.  We commemorated the occasion by running the first long run route from a year ago.

F3Crusade and F3stride temporarily relocated to Lowe’s for this occasion.   Many of the original pax posted again for this runniversary.  We shared some laughs… reminisced in pax getting hit by a truck and enjoyed putting more high elevation change miles under our belts.  Here’s the summary:

Conditions: Rain. Cool.  Rain let up when we started running.

Thang: Hang a left on Whiteford way.  Truck down the hill and follow around to Lake drive.  Turn right and go out 20 minutes and back 20 minutes.



2 Corinthians 3:17:  עכשיו ה ‘היא הרוח, ובו רוח ה’ היא, יש חופש. (P’tooey! P’tooey! P’tooey!)

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

In the last year since Stride began, I’ve had many opportunities both within F3, personally and professionally to realize the freedom I get to enjoy in Christ’s sacrifice for me.  I don’t have to be the fastest runner… or run the farthest, or do the most Merkins in 2 minutes.  These were idols to me.  I can strive to get better, but perfection is not the expectation.  I’ve also been set free from sins in my past and am on a road to recovery.  God’s freedom can only be gained by surrendering self and all your idols and accepting the free gift of salvation.  What do you get to surrender?  What is holding you back from enjoying God and allowing him to fully work in you?

Moleskin: YHC seriously considered smartsacking due to some headcoldish symptoms (or a really stressful Nailpop Graveyard workout).  But YHC said he could not miss this occasion and pulled his sorry behind out of the fartsack.  Only thing that would keep him there is feeling “half-dead”.  When comparing performance from one year ago. Many pax showed HUGE improvement.  YHC had a hard time keeping up with Pepto down the hill… That may have been the head cold talking too.

Anyhow, it was great to see new regulars out there and some newer faces continuing to work and get better!  YHC is greatly encouraged to see it and Greatly Encouraged to know that Ranger conceded that Spackle beat him!  TCLAPS to Spackle! Respect!

TCLAPS once again to those who came out early for StrideXL!

Announcements: There were many.  HEre’s a snapshot:

  • Goruck lite this weekend.  Pray for those participating.
  • BBQ this Saturday (10-2) at Saluda River Club.  Bring your own meat and drink. I hear fracture has a special piece of meat to share… We shall see.  And a challenge… Bring an FNG and get a door prize??
  • New AOs launching throughout the summer.  Bluffton May 2, Greenwood May 9, Greensboro May 23 and Myrtle Beach sometime this summer!  Contact Ranger if interested in joining him for the Greenwood Launch.
  • Guantlet.
  • Relay for Life This Saturday night 6-12pm. Thumbs Up is MC.

Prayer Requests

  • Wapner and Swanson’s wife’s uncle passed away.
  • Say What’s Mom is starting cancer treatment again.
  • Walker is Headed to Duke.  A collection will be started to help with additional expenses for the Phillips family.


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