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Nicaragua Mission Trip Update

I am excited to announce that the dates for the mission trip trip are July 2-11, 2015.  Myself, my daughter Olivia and my pastor, John, will will be going.  I ask you to pray for us in the coming months as we prepare, spiritually, for this trip.  I thank you for the encouragement, support and the prayers.  There is still time for you to contribute financially if you feel lead to do so.  The offer of 550 cord crosses , see below in pre-blast, is still open with a $15.00 or more contribution.  Thanks in advance.

Below is the pre-blast from a few weeks ago.  See you in the gloom.  Aye!


My F3 brothers at Jumanji have been encouraging me to write a pre-blast to highlight my upcoming mission trip to Nicaragua.  I do this humbly as I am not necessarily a big fan of bringing attention to myself.  I’m simply doing what the Lord is telling me.  If you were to tell me at the beginning of 2009 that I will go to Nicaragua on mission trips multiple times and that I would have a big heart and compassion for the country and the people I would have told you that was CSAUP.  If you were to tell me 6 months ago that I will be a regular Pax at F3 workouts and would loose 20 plus pounds and would meet and spend time with some incredible men I will again have said CSAUP.

This summer I will embark on Nicaragua for the 5th time.  Nicaragua is nestled in the heart of Central America between Costa Rica and Honduras.  It is one of the poorest countries in our hemisphere.

Specifically I will do home outreaches with local pastors on Ometepe Island Lake Nicaragua, delivering clothing, food and other necessities in addition to praying, and evangelizing.  I will also be visiting with friends I have made at the Nicaraguan National Police Force in Rivas Nicaragua.  In the past I have delivered to them simple items of police equipment that I, as a 22 year police veteran at the Forest Acres Police Department, have taken for granted.  Whistles, mini flashlights, traffic safety vests, and sunglasses have been a few of their favorite items.  Along with the items I bring them a message of hope, love and grace that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  And I introduce them to a local pastor in Rivas.  They have accepted me as one of their own.  I will also be visiting and supporting missionaries Mike and Joan Vilasii.  They lived in Columbia, SC up until the time they were called to go into the mission field over 15 years ago.

I could go on and on about my experiences.  One of the most anticipated highlights of this trip will be that I am taking my 15 year old daughter, Olivia, with me.  She is at the same age my older son was when I took him for the first of his two trips.   This will be her first trip and she is eagerly anticipating what the Lord is going to do in her and through her.

My trips aren’t particularly funded by a specific church.  My trips are not “church” mission trips.  In my humble opinion anyone who feels lead by the Lord to go on a mission trip or minister to someone should “Go” or “Do.”  You don’t need permission from your pastor or a committee just a willingness to serve and a desire to impact lives on a personal level.  A majority of my funding has come from friends and family and sometimes strangers.

I need for you, my F3 brothers, to be in prayer for me and my daughter as we prepare for this trip.  Specifically for safety and that the Lord will continue to prepare us and those we will minister to.  Secondly I ask that you pray for the finances of the trip.  The cost for one person is roughly $1,300.00.

One of my fundraising projects is crosses I make out of 550 cord.  Some of you have already helped me in this area.  The color combinations are endless.  Solid colors, dual colors, three colors and four colors.  For a minimum $15.00 donation to my trip I will make a cross of your choice.  You can see the crosses on my Twitter feed (@fapdblueline).  If you don’t necessarily want one of the crosses and you wish to give a financial gift that would be great.

I thank you for your prayers, your encouragement, and your willingness to help.


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