• When: 2019-11-17
  • QIC: Little Giants
  • The PAX: Tater, Netflix, Weekend Special, Boo (R), Wapner, Little Giants

Extra Icing Almost Leads to Injury

6 Pax beat the fart sack and do the harder thing and enjoy talk of icing and investigate an unusual number of cars parked on the path of our favorite retail parking lot stroll.

Weather: Cold

The Thang:



YHC led the pax on a lap of the parking lot while the late arrivals got geared up. We kept our path simple and toured the neighboring retail parking lots. It was noticed that there was an unusual number of cars parked at one of the stores on our path. Being ever curious, we decided to take a closer look. No conclusion was reached but many hypothesis were offered.


After the ruck we moved right into the KB portion of the workout. It went something like this (roughly):

Hold KB in front on my call (cause…why not?)

Curls for the Girls x15 OYO

Tricep Extensions x15 OYO

Shoulder Press x 15 OYO

Napalms x10 OYO

Rinse and Repeat

Front Raises x10 OYO

Lat Raises x5 each arm OYO (This was a real crowd pleaser)

Upright Rows x15 OYO

Bent Over Rows x 15 OYO

Around the World x10 – It was at this point the mumble chatter turned to cakes and icing which was so mesmerizing that a KB dropped in the neighborhood at the feet of a fellow pax. No injuries were reported and all pax continued while dreaming of extra icing.

Halos x10

Tim Hardaways x10 each way

Chest Press x 20 OYO

Overhead Pulls (Arnolds? YHC needs to study the exicon)

American Hammer x10 IC (Not everything can be OYO)

Big Boy Situps with a Simba Press x 15 OYO

Gumby until time was called

Count A Rama – Name A Rama

Announcements: Christmas Party on 12/14

Prayer Request: Unspoken Request