• When: 01/03/15
  • QIC: Field Goal
  • The PAX: Mayhem, Dunphy, LowBall, Manti, Scotch, Note Book, Mr. Belding, Ike Reynolds (FNG Brownie), Slum Lord, Noszit, Implant, Taylor Huddle (FNG Flow Master), Turnbuckle, Field Goal

Did someone say “Bring it?”

14 pax including  2 FNGs “Flow Master and Brownie” entered the gloom this morning for a #Beatdown by YHC. Great work men.

Conditions; 50 degrees and Cloudy, “GGGGGLOOOOOMMMMMYYY”




That Thang;


SSH – 15IC

TTT – 15IC

IW – 15IC

LBC – 15IC 

Merkins – 15IC 

Mosey to big Soccer Field 

*Everyone grab a Block, Tire, and Pole and line up on the Goal Line 

*2 sets of the following;

With the Block;

All 4 Count

Curls – 15IC (got 3 sets of these in)

Shoulder Press – 15IC

Tricep Extension – 10IC 

Merkins alternate on  and across Block – 5 OYO

Shoulder Row – 15IC 

Dead lift Press – 15 OYO

Carry Pole to mid field , there get in to 5 groups to flip Tires to the other end and back. 3 flips per person while others Lunge. Back at mid field, carry Pole back to the start.  



*Flutter Kicks – 15IC 

*Scissor Kicks – 15IC 

*Freddie Mercury – 15IC

*Burt Reynolds – 15IC both sides

*BBSU – 20 OYO

*Iron Cross – 10IC slow


Mosey to Shelter 


Name O Rama


 The (Go Run) 5k February 7th

Custom Go Ruck Light  May 1st

Race Against Hunger February 28th



0 thoughts on “Did someone say “Bring it?””

  1. This would have been a good ruck workout. Great Q Field Goal. Like kids playing with their new toys. Flow Master is not toilet reference but the man can RAP (Really rap). Brownie works for UPS (Brown Shorts & Sock, like Brownies).

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