• When: 01/03/15
  • QIC: Fracture
  • The PAX: Catheter, Pew, Breakfast Club, Pavarotti 2.0, Malfunction Juction, Lollipop, Blue Screen, Skid Marks, No Help

Weights and Lunges to get the year started right

10 Pax found their way to Crypt for a Fracture impromptu beat down. YHC just happened to glance at the Q list and noticed nobody had signed up to lead today, so YHC decided no better way to get 2015 off on the right foot than bringing the pain and setting the bar high for the year.

Conditions: 45 degrees and wet

The Thang:

BOM- Disclaimer/Prayer

Mosey to the  weights




Side Lunge-20



4 stations- overhead squats, dips, pull-ups, bench press x20 once complete overhead tire lunge across the parking lot.

rinse and repeat x10

mosey Around the school-

stop 1- curb hops x20 curb step ups x20 each leg

Stop 2- guard rail decline merkins x20

Stop 3-sprint the hill

Stop 4- Parking lot suicides

Stop 5- Lunge the bridge

Stop 6- Merkins x20

Back to parking lot- Parking lot shuffle- Sprint/Mosey/Lunge


Dealers Choice- No help special the 14 count burpee x10

flutterkicks x20 hold 6in

Russian twists x20


5k go run at White Knoll High School

Make my day trail run

GoRuck light


Tclaps to catheter and pew for getting back out after coming back after New Years Convergence and all the Pax for pushing through a tough workout




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