• When: 2020-02-20
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Field Goal, Scotch, Meatball, Muggy Tape, Wire Nuts, Julep, Tar Paper, She Shed, Minecraft, Ken Doll

Cones Everywhere

The men of Beechhouse were treated to moseying around campus this AM, luckily finding cones conveniently placed around the school. We hit the upper body, core, and leg trifecta with lots of burpees thrown in just so YHC could hear some groans.

Great seeing some OG pax out there. It’s been far too long…

Special congrats and Tclaps to Muggy Tape for earning his knuckle patch last weekend for completing his 3rd Bragg Heavy event. Wire Nuts also completed a CSAUP last weekend, the Dam to Dam Relay.

Conditions: mid 40s

The Thang:


Warm up mosey
Dynamic Stretches


Stationary 11s
Burpees/Bobby Hurleys


Lunge/Bear Crawl/Run AMRAP
Lunge to middle cone (20 yds)
Bear crawl to far cone (20 yds)
Run back to the start
R&R for 8 min

4-Cone Ladder
Rd 1 (exercises at each cone, running from cone to cone)
Merkins x 5

Round 2
Merkins x 5 – Squat Jumps x 5

Round 3
Merkins x 5 – Squat Jumps x 5 – Iron Cross x 5

Round 4
Merkins x 5 – Squat Jumps x 5 – Iron Cross x 5 – Carolina Dry Docks x 5

Round 5
Merkins x 5 – Squat Jumps x 5 – Iron Cross x 5 – Carolina Dry Docks x 5 – Burpees x 5

Back to flag


Believer and Non-Believers. Which are you?
1 Non-believer and they know it
2 Believer and they know it
3 Believer but they are not sure
4 Non-believer but they do not know it

Prayer Requests:
-Scotch’s Dad
-Dear Diary

-2/29 6-Year Anniversary Convergence
-3/27 Palmetto 200
-4/6 The Gauntlet begins

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