• When: 03/12/15
  • QIC: Catheter
  • The PAX: Fracture, pepto, blackout, mac, copay, tailpipe, poveraty (sp), buttermaker, slimjim, hosier, breakfast club, catheter, thumbs up, say what, pep talk, freon, chum, no help.

Catheter brings the pain on his VQ

Written by Catheter

It was a 60 degree morning and 11 pax came out to see what in store for them on the Thursday morning Gloom. YHC had his inaugural Vice Q with Fracture alongside to oversee. After a the disclaimer and a quick prayer, headed out in the morning to better our already perfect bodies…Ha Ha


Mozy to helipad

-ssh x 20 IC

-LB Arm circles x 10 forward x reverse IC

-TTT x 20 IC

-Merkins x 20 IC

-Crunches x 25 IC

-Flutter kicks x 20 IC

Mozy to Grass hill

-curb jumps x 20 oyo

-curb steps (alternate L and R) x 25 IC

-UP THE HILL x 1 Burpee at top and merkins x 10 at bottom… increase burpee by one each lap.

-Crunches waiting on everyone to finish

-Lunge back up hill

Mozy to the back of RBHS

-Shoulder Taps x 25 IC

-Moving left to right while planking (4 count right, back to center, then 4 count to left)…Pivot and keep legs still.

-squats x 20 IC

-Imperial walkers x 20 IC

Mozy to front parking lot of RBHS

-split to two groups.

-group one sprint on long stretch of parking lot and mozy short stretch in circle around parking lot X 2

-group two did merkins till Group 1 ended. X 2

Mozy to helipad

-Crunches x 25 IC

-Flutter kicks x 20 IC

-bicycle crunches x 20 IC

Mozy to flag

Join Boneyard for final 3 exercises led by “no help”

-Flutter kicks x 20 IC

-Iron cross x 10 IC


-Go Ruck heavy 3/13
-Palmetto 200 next weekend 3/18
-fire truck pull 4/18
-Mud run coming 4/11
-Go RUCK light 5/1

Prayer requests:

-CoPay wife’s uncle had a massive stroke

-Breakfast club basic training coming up 4/7

-Catheter wife’s uncle has in hospital due to possible stroke/sizsure

-No helps daughter sick

-Audra, Walker, and Sebastian cancer healing

-Praise: Walker is taking some more unassisted steps.

-boy in Chapin broke his neck playing Laccross/Lexington player feels distraught over injury.

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