• When: 2020-02-20
  • QIC: Wild Hog
  • The PAX: Grave Digger, Kenwood (R), Cramps, Chuckwagon, Stalker, Slumlord (R), Dangle, All 9’s, Wild Hog

Carrying Bricks Makes You Stronger & Better for Lake Day 2020!

(posted by Kenwood on behalf of Wild Hog)

Here is what transpired;
Weather – 47 Degrees & Dry
Disclaimer & Prayer
The Thang
My Slaughter Starter – 25 Merkins then Mosey to Courtyard.
Circle Up (in cadence)
 Frankenstein’s x 10
 Thru the Tunnel x 10
 Side Straddle Hops x 10
Burpees x 10 OYO
Block Pile and Grab 2 Bricks.
Mosey to Breezeway.
Lung to End of Breezeway while doing Curls for the Girls.
 Merkins x 25
 Various Plank Exercises
Mosey to Bigger Breezeway
 Sprint to halfway point
o 25 Brick Squats
 Sprint the Remainder

o 25 Brick Squats
Various Plank Exercises
Mosey to CAT Stairs
11’s at the Steps
o Curls for the Girls at the Bottom
o Overhead Press at the Top
Close Grip Merkins x 25
Various Plank Exercises
Mosey to Planter Box
o Step ups x 20 With Brick
Mosey back to Brick Pile
 Gas Pumps x 25
 American Hammers (with Bricks) x 25
 V-ups with Bricks x 25
 Convergence 2/29 at Graveyard
 Thirsty Thursday at Krafty Draft – tonight
 Shawshank this Saturday
 Chuckwagon – Flat tire
 Christmas Party
 SAFE Lexington in May – details coming soon
Prayer Requests:
 Scotch’s Dad (and Scotch)
 Dear Diary
 Family of Faye
 Marriages

Moleskin; Today we carried the bricks with us the entire time. It was only about making the workout harder but there was a meaning behind it. We all are carrying around something heavy with us sometimes and it is a reminder that we need to reach out and talk to someone, anyone about it. It will make your life and the lives of people around you better.

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