• When: 2020-03-11
  • QIC: Stay Puff
  • The PAX: Belding, Mermaid, HT and Stay Puff

Candy, Candy, Candy I Can’t Let You Go

YHC was happy to see the Rooster shovel already flying at 4:45 but apparently not by the AOQ. Happy Trees was getting in some early work and then he regaled the Pax with a tale of almost being trampled by deer during his run along Crosson. So, with that we ventured out  toward Bernard Mt. and the sawmill. Everything was going well with the typical mumblechatter and heavy breathing. Normal topics.  That is until we were almost back to flag when, after hugging the shoulder of road due to the straight a head focus of a truck, a comment about candy came up.  And with that Mermaid asked the question of day:  “What kind kind of candy would I be?”  And with no trepidation as though he’d been saving such a response to such an atypical question for months Happy Trees replied with “Mike and Ikes because they are slender and colorful.”  You’re welcome and good day from Rooster. 

Weather: Perfect with full moon


The Route: Bernard Mountain Loop



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