• When: 2019-10-19
  • QIC: Pickaxe & Little Giants
  • The PAX: Granola (R), CHHeader, Hammer, Jalepeno, Candy Stripe, Boo (R), Nick. Pickaxe, Hacksaw, Hatchet, Little Giants

Bringing Tag Teams Back

YHC and Pickaxe teamed up to bring the pain to Turning Point. Pickaxe got us started:

Circle up, disclaimer, prayer
Mosey to teachers lot (paved route) and circle up.
Warm up with;
IW x 10 IC
Slo Mo Squat x 10 IC
OHC x 10 IC
HR Merlin x 10 IC
Mt. Climber x 10 IC
Mosey to block pile and pick your poison, brick or blocks then to nearest BB court. Pax lined up along the baseline with blocks. Exercises were performed as pax took turns bearcrawling to the opposite baseline performing 2 burpees and running back. Bearcrawls started from each end and met generally in the middle each time. 5 rounds were completed with the following exercises;
Curls, Thruster, Flutter Kicks with block held above chest, Napalm, Block Swings.
YHC got the tag and the work continued.
Pax mosey over to the track and divide into four groups. Each corner of the track was a pain station: 1.) Block merkins 2.) Squats (w/blocks) 3.) Block swings 4.) Upright rows. On the longer straights pax suitcase carried their block. On the shorter straights pax Cusak (thanks for the heads up on the proper name Granola) their blocks. We got in two laps before heading back to the block pile and mosey up to the SF for heel touchs x10 (IC), Iron Cross that was modified inadvertently to iron nails x10 (IC), LBC’s x20 (OYO), and a brief set of dealers choice until time was called.
Announcements: Go Leo Go next Saturday 10/26 and Cheech 10k on Nov. 16 Turning Point will close for these two events.
Prayer Request: LG – Co-worker Chris, Hatchet – Friend Dan