• When: 05/16/15
  • QIC: Fracture
  • The PAX: Copay, Blackout, Freon, John Boy

Boneyard + Fracture= nice and easy

YHC picked up the Q last minute for Boneyard and decided to do his first Weinkeless workout. YHC found it freeing and he even made room for a little fun and games! Since YhC didn’t have a weinke, I have no idea if the account of what you are about to read actually even happened, but fun was had by all!

Walk-yes you heard me I actually said walk to the thistle field circle up

ssh x20

Ttt x20

IW x20

Merkins x20

Start on side walk and the goal was to lunge all the way around the school to the back hill and back taking breaks when YHC got bored to do squats and other fun things. First three stops were deep squat and hold for thirty seconds then resume lunging.

Then a true blessing was brought down on YHC the first area we arrived at had a random pile of bricks! You cant turn down a blessing like that, grab bricks and circle up

curls for girls x20

Shoulder press x20

tricep extensions x20

lbac with bricks x20

return bricks and continue lunges. Take a break to crab walk to next light post, continue lunging.

next stop the stairs backwards bear crawl up the stairs.

continue lunging stop for monkey humpers and then lunge to hill

at hill crab walk down bear crawl up slowly and together to make it burn a little more once complete bear crawl hill x3 and then return lunging

Next stop, the mumble chatter was asking for some of YHC go to pain exercises so bear merkins across field

now that everyone’s legs were shot time to continue lunging to the wall for a fun game.  wall sits till the shaking kicks in then  a game of paper rock scissors. Beat the Q and you get off the wall, I think it took about 7 rounds till everyone was off. John Boy was the ultimate winner being the last one on the wall with YHC. Continue lunging until we get to bricks stop for

Curls for girls x 20

Shoulder press x20

RT with brick x 20

leg and brick raises x 10

brick burpees x 5

Flutterkicks x20 and then straight to hello dolly x20

Continue lunging to front of school with 5 min left we joined Crypt to see what Pavoratti was bringing in his Mary and like always the Crypt was welcoming to the Q schedule with plenty of mumble chatter. YHC was told after the workout that the Boneyard lunged about a mile and a half today. Good work by all hope your not to sore!  TClaps to Freon doing his first boot camp with a ruck. I threw in the backwards bearcrawls up the stairs just for you!


F3 Prom sign up

gaunlet starts next week

be on the lookout for BRR meeting coming soon





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