• When: 2020-01-07
  • QIC: Recall
  • The PAX: Forrest, Fishwrap, Notebook, Utah (R), Ranger (R), Cool Corner, Mudflap, Quest, 7-11, Cowbell, Potluck, Baby Hearts, Recall

Block Q spent admiring Ranger’s hair

Mumblechatter with this group is always good, especially with the combination of Notebook, Ranger, Quest, and Potluck!  Got a little awkward at one point when some of the PAX admitted to admiring Ranger’s hair, commenting it looked like he was in a commercial with his hair blowing in the wind.  As usual, the men of Arena put in strong work crushing YHC’s Q.  Always good to be in the gloom with these leaders!!

Conditions: 40s

Disclaimer, Prayer

The Thang:

Warmup lap around the parking lot

SSH x20 IC
Overhead Clap x20 IC

TTT x10 IC

Slo-Mo Squats x20 IC

Cobra stretch (x4 for about 20 sec each)

Plank Jacks x20 IC

Grab blocks from block pile and head to the back of the school, by the lone light

Start with one exercise, travel down sidewalk to column closest to school building and back (pattern was lunge, bear crawl, and run), always running back to blocks; add on exercises as we go.  All exercises were 20 reps OYO.

Overhead Press

Add Curls for the Girls

Add Squats

Add American Hammer

Add Kettlebell Swings

Add Block Merkins

Add Bent Over Rows

Return blocks and head to the Shovel Flag

Recover and COT


Working on Q Exchange between a few other AOs (Shawshank, Turning Point, BeechHouse)

Prayer Requests:

Kids and teachers headed back to school today

Parents day drinking after sending kids back to school

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