• When: 2018-11-27
  • QIC: Inuit
  • The PAX: Etch-a-sketch, Columbo, Glow Rod, Part Time, King James

Belated B-Day Q

COT: Disclaimer

Mosey to grassy spot by brickpile;

Warmup to Thunderstuck (AC/DC) eg: jog in place until Thunder is heard and perform burpee everytime Thunder is said and return to jog in place.

Next, Snakefarm (Ray Wylie Hubbard) LBAC 10 forward 10 reverse IC, Imperial Walker, Air Squat

Start of the Thang: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor ( Drowning Pool)

This is done to the song Bodies by Drowning Pool (3:21). Start in plank position. When the song says “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” do a Donkey Kick (26 Total). When the song counts (1, 2, 3, 4) do a Merkin (21 Total). Always plank when not doing Donkey Kicks or Merkins and never let your Bodies Hit The Floor.

Next Mosey to drop off circle by middle school. Runner is the timer, P1 runs around parking lot circle P2 exercises.

  1. BBSU
  2. calf raises
  3. step ups
  4. LBCs

Mosey to brickpile. grab 2 bricks

  1. Napalms x 15 IC
  2. Overhead Press x 10 IC
  3. Curls for girls x 15 IC
  4. Reverse flys x 10 IC


  1. Ray Charles x 15 IC
  2. Rosalita x ??? ( got gassed by Parttime)
  3. Russian Twist x 10 IC
  4. Freddy Mercury x 10 IC

COT: Praise report, Glow Rod sold house, Columbo wife new job interview.