• When: 01/13/15
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Freon, Blackout, Buttermaker, Fracture, Landslide, Copay, Hoser, Dauber, Breakfast Club, Bluescreen, Booster

Beat down by Booster

11 PAX posted #crypt for a Booster led workout. YHC took a page out of Bluescreen’s book and did some F3 website perusing to add a few new exercises to the mix.

Conditions: 49 degrees and cloudy



PAX moseyed past the helipad with some butt kicks, high knees, and slides to a random spot on the parking lot in the direction of the gym for COP:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Mt. Climbers x 15 IC
  • Through the tunnel x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
  • Baby arm circles x 15 IC both ways

Mosey up to another random section of the parking lot and PAX were instructed to get in their own parking spot/lane on the curb for a slightly modified version of Ascending Curb Crawls, that went a little something like this:

  • Bear crawl from 1st curb across to next curb (approximately 20 yards)- do 1 incline merkin- crab walk back to starting position- do 2 incline merkins, bear crawl back- 3 incline merkins, etc… all the way to 10 merkins- plank when done.

Mosey to the wall for the following exercises:

  • 16 dips/16 decline merkins/16 step-ups/16 incline merkins- then stay in incline plank until YHC gives further notice

Mosey to entrance of school for another slightly modified new exercise: Triple Check, that went like this:

  • PAX broke off into groups of three- one member sprinted around the RBHS entrance loop, one did LBCs, and one planked until the sprinter got back and group rotated exercise until all completed the 3 exercises
  • Rinse and repeated with modification of LBCs turned into big boy sit-ups and planks turned into Mt. climbers.

PAX then moseyed (slowly) to a portion of the parking lot and got some curb for what has become a staple when YHC Q’s: Booster Curb hops:

  • bunny hop x 16
  • Scissors x 32
  • Step ups x 16 right foot lead, 16 left foot lead
  • Hopscotch curb hops x 16 and reverse x 16

6 MoM




  • F3 Lexington going to Summerville this Saturday- if you are interested in going contact Ken Doll for details
  • The Go Run 5K – February 7th www.thegorun.org with convergence at Snakepit from 7-8am
  • More information to come about 1 year anniversary of Graveyard coming up this spring
  • Mud Run April 11th- Quisenberry is Mud Run Q- info to follow

Prayer requests:

  • Say What? sister diagnosed with cancer
  • Madelynn Nelson and her family- Madelynn is fighting cancer
  • Sebastian and his family- 3rd grader at Meadow Glen diagnosed with leukemia


Take a look at Matthew 6: 24-35 about anxiety and worrying.

To paraphrase: We all have things that we worry about and are anxious about the future. We are the men of the house, and charged to lead our household spiritually, financially, etc… The gosel of Matthew tells us to not let things worry us, turn those worries and anxieties over to God, for God will make certain that those who believe in Him will have their needs provided.

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