• When: 2020-05-28
  • QIC: Voltron
  • The PAX: Rock Drop(R), Utah(R), Ranger(R), Wheel Barrow(R), Fast Casual, 7-11, Cyclops, Notebook, Pot Luck, Da Bear(R)

Arena Mini Q School

Weather: 68 degrees without Arena light breeze, humid

The Thang:

Intro, Disclaimer, Prayer and Lord’s Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance.

Mosey around the parking lot for warm up.

Today YHC decided to help the pax learn a little more about being a Q, so each of them got the chance to call the cadence on the warmup exercises. It worked better on paper:


10 Burpees OYO

SSH X 5 IC per pax – had to work out a few kinks in the process. YHC started and called the cadence for the first few reps, then we went around the circle so that each pax called cadence for either 5 or 3 reps.

Merkins X 10 IC

TTT X 3 IC per pax

LBAC X 3 IC per pax – mix of Forward & Reverse

Merkins X 10 on YHC’s count

8 Burpees OYO

Imperial Walkers X 3 IC per pax

10 more burpees for 28 on the 28th

Mosey around parking lot and then partner up. Since Recall and Zika didn’t show, YHC had no partner…..

Partner Exercises – one pax completes exercises while other runs backward to top of parking lot and then forward back to bottom of parking lot.

BBSU X 100

After each exercise take an Indian run lap around the parking lot.

Merkins X 200

Calf Raises X 300

Squats X 400 – ran out of time so only did about 50 squats each.

LBC’s X 500 – saved for another day……

Mosey back to the shovel flag for some Mary.

Finished up with Flutterkicks for Cheech X 38 IC as YHC always does.


Prayer Requests

YHC’s friend Jay

Training Wheels – moved over near Detention Land

Other Unspoken requests


  • Dec 2020 Christmas Party

Devo – Hebrews Chapter 11 – Read multiple verses dealing with Faith – after all, that is one of the F’s in F3.

You must exercise your muscles to make them strong and keep them strong, and you have to endure times of duress and stress to build your faith. Keep pushing – keep going – keep developing that faith. God wants to mold us and improve our character.

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