• When: 2/17/15
  • QIC: MAC
  • The PAX: Columbo, Altar Boy, Inuit, Ginger, Tuff Guy, Mac

APB out on Billy Banks

6 Pax fought the urge to remain dry and warm in their fartsacks to brave the cold and wet morning in the gloom of Jumanjii. Since the rain was still coming down, albeit slowly, YHC showed the Pax how much he cared for them by taking them to the sheltered bus loop at the middle school. Unbeknownst to them, YHC planned on bringing a Boneyard style beatdown adhering to the motto of 45 mins then recover. I will attempt to recreate the events that occurred to the best of my recollection but it was such a strange series of events and mumblechatter plus there were so many exercises thrown in between sets of who-knows-how-many dips that it just becomes a blur of awesome. Ok, here it go!


weather: cold and damp 33 degrees


The Thang:

Mosey to the rainy-day bus shelter AKA the scene of our last crime

COP – All IC

Side straddle hop x 20

Thru the tunnel x 20

Imperial walker x 30

Windmill x 20

Lil baby  arm circles x 10 each way

Merkins x 10

Squats x 20 OYO


Mosey 3 feet across the sidewalk to the benches

Dips x 10 IC

Step-ups x 15 each leg

Dips x 10 IC

Decline merkins x 10 IC

Dips x 10 IC

Hanging leg squats x 15 each side  OYO

Dips x 10 IC

Bowling stance squat x 15 each side OYO

Dips x 10 IC

Incline merkins x 10 IC

Dips x 10 IC

Wall sit x 1:00

Dips x 10 IC

Wall sit x 1:00

Dips x 10 IC

Wall sit w/OH claps x 20 IC

Incline merkin x 10 IC

Dips x 10 IC

Jump squats x 20 OYO

Can’t remember everything here but did we really do that many dips? No wonder my dippers are sore!

Somewhere in the middle of all of this fun we were paid a visit by one of West Columbia’s finest. Apparently the notorious Billy Blanks and his merry gang of kick-boxers have been terrorizing the North Side Middle School area and since YHC has the same build as Billy Blanks it’s not surprising that a concerned citizen would report the siting. Luckily for us it was quite obvious that we were not a danger to anyone but ourselves.

For the next series of exercises we alternated the exercise with a mosey between the poles along the entire length of the bus loop

Duck walk

After reaching the side entrance at this end of the bus loop we found ourselves in the remnants of what apparently was an exploding backpack or as one sign might have implied the ruthless beating of a middle school referee by a gang of over zealous soccer moms. Anyway, someone scored a dollar but the pencils and hi-lighters were left untouched.

bunny hops



Couple Minutes of Mary

Sitting 6″ from bench

Flutter kicks on bench x 20 IC

Side dips on bench x 10 OYO each side

Plank-o-rama w/

Shoulder taps x 20 IC

Peter Parkers x 20 OYO

Parker Peters x 20 OYO


Mosey back to shovel flag





  • Once again, great work by the herd at Jumanji. YHC brings the pain and these guys ask for more…That sounded like a “50 shades” movie promo.
  • There was so many good mumblechatter moments and things that happened during this workout it is impossible to remember them all. This was definitely a workout where the backblast just wrote itself the whole time. At one point I laughed so hard I couldn’t keep cadence and I can’t even remember what it was that got me.
  • I do remember WHO it was though…Tclaps Ginger, you broke the Q, lol!
  • Note to self: Tone the guns down a little so you don’t get mistaken for Billy Blanks again.
  • This ranks up there on my list of strangest and most entertaining workouts I have experienced. Cobains that the backblast doesn’t do it justice but this was something that can only truly be experienced first hand. So don’t get left out next time with just reading the backblast, get your butts out of the fartsack and to Jumanji.


  • Stampede will converge with Stride for the Darn 5K at the Dam this Friday morning

Prayer requests:

  • Prayers for the family of the Firefighter who lost his life after being struck by a drunk driver while working an accident.
  • Prayers for all of the firefighters that put their lives on the line everyday to save and protect ours.
  • Praise for Altar Boy’s sister who had successful surgery on a severely broken leg. Also prayers for a speedy and healthy recovery.




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