• When: 2020-06-25
  • QIC: Drysdale
  • The PAX: Drysdale, Lt. Dan, Wee Wee, BlueBloods, Rec, Twerk, Mulligan, Dominion, Keychain, Escobar and Black Betty

Another Surcuit at The Surge in the Wet Gloom

Another Surcuit at The Surge in the Wet Gloom

11 beat the fart sack for my 7th career Q since joining the founding of The Surge in October of 2017. I now live across the river and are now taking up residence at Swamp Fox. My old friends now have me over every 6 months. The weather was unexpected with a steady rain.

There was a nice group of 5 stride lighters

Conditions: 70ish degrees, 93% humidity, Heavy rain

The Thang:

1 minute warning


Social Distanced BOM

Mosey to the front of the loading dock


IW X 20 IC




DB X 20 IC

Mosey to the brick pile and each man grabs a block

12 Stations: Under the bus pickup,

Speaker was tuned into Pandora’s AC/DC radio

Station 1: Farmers carry two blocks out the drop off lane and back. Once complete, rotate stations.

Station 2: Upper Body

Station 3: Lower Body

Station 4: Upper Body

Station 5: Lower Body

Station 6: Upper Body

Station 7: Lower Body

Station 8: Upper Body

Station 9: Lower Body

Station 10: Upper Body

Station 11: Lower Body

Station 12: Upper Body

Return blocks

6 minutes of Mary, dealer’s choice.




The Flood will be on Tuesday, June 30th

Trying something new on Thursday, July 2nd called “Summer Camp”

Prayer Announcements:

Bogeys family

Coach Bennett’s family


So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

– Matthew 10:31

Let’s be honest. God’s got a whole lot on his plate. There’s famine, disease, poverty and so much more going on in the world that’s way more important than our anxiety attacks about our to-do list or our fretting over a work situation. At least, that’s what we think sometimes. And so, we can be reluctant to bring first-world concerns to him. We figure we can handle them ourselves.

But here’s the thing: Those small things have a way of growing into bigger problems that we can’t solve by ourselves. You see, God loves us that much that he wants to hear it all, even though he already knows every one of our concerns. We’re not troubling him or taking him away from bigger stuff when we take even the most minor issues to him. He desires to be our confidante and counselor.

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