• When: 2018-11-15
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: MacGruber, All 9s, Britta, Lumbergh, Paper Jam, Kenwood.

Ambush needs to put Flex Seal on it’s Christmas list

Since it felt like forever since I had Q’ed at Ambush, YHC snagged an open slot a few weeks back.  I figured I’d do a block routine of some type.  Moving forward to the day before… the rain and cold temperature influenced my planning so that the PAX would stay somewhat dry under the breezeway.  Then, soon after I arrived this morning, I realized there was nothing dry under the breezeway.  The concrete was wet (even some small puddles) with the rain dripping through the breezeway roof.  I knew that would quickly lead to wet clothes and gloves which would then freeze everyone to death.  So I modified my modified plan and stayed in the driest section near the side entrance.  This section really wasn’t that hard to find as the other PAX were already there getting in is some early block work on their own.  I’m sure all the Lexington AOs were seeking dry ground as well.

We had 6 PAX total and covered ~1.7 miles.  Weather was rainy, cold (~40 degrees).  No FNGs.  No SL (pax opted for early block work to stay out the rain).  1 minute warning.  Intro.  Disclaimer. Prayer. And a quick warmup of:

  • 15x Imperial Walkers IC
  • 15x TTTs IC
  • 15x Flutter Kicks IC

The first routine of fun was a modified Triple Nickle.  Instead of running “endpoint to endpoint”, we kept the “endpoints” in the same place and just ran out and backs.  It went like this…

  • 5x modified Burpees – hand release at the bottom, high knees jump at the top
  • Run to “the bend” and back
  • 5x Balls to the Wall
  • Run to “the bend” and back
  • That was 1 round
  • Do 5x rounds total
  • Recover

Next we split into 2 groups of 3.  The first PAX took a 50# sandbag and ran to “the middle” and back while the other two PAX did a mixture of Flutterkicks, Hello Dollys, Gas Pumps, or whatever Mary was preferred.  The sandbag was rotated through the remaining two PAX.  We did two rounds of this (each PAX carried twice).  Recover.

Next we played “Pass the PVC” where we lined up in plank position.  The guy on the far right grabbed a piece of 4″ PVC with his right hand, did a Merkin, rolled the PVC to his left hand, Merkin, rolled the PVC to the guy on his left, grabbed the next piece of PVC, etc.  There were 5 pieces total, so 10 Merkins.  When there were no pieces left you get up and run get next in line.  I believe we went through 3 rounds or 30 Merkins before the rain and the pain started getting us.  Recover.

Next we jogged to the far end and back.  The goal hear was an active recovery with the bonus of picking up some more PVC pieces we never used.  These were dropped next to my car on the way back as we returned.

Next we did 6 rounds of People’s Chair with Overhead Air Presses.  The reps were 25, 50, 75, 100, 75, 25.  We skipped 50 since time was closing in.

Next we played Pass the PVC going back the other way.  I believe we went through 2 rounds or 20 Merkins this time.

We finished with a single round of Sandbag Carry (per PAX), while others did Mary.

We wrapped with announcements, prayer.



  • Gravedigger’s mom
  • Britta’s friend who’s son broke his elbow