• When: 2018-11-15
  • QIC: Sled
  • The PAX: Seeker, Dry Heave, Cheesy, Moonriver, Pinkeye, Ripcord, BallBoy, Snowden, and Sled

Score and Brickpile team up for some rainy day fun

It was a cold and rainy morning in the gloom, but the 9 PAX who resisted the fartsack gave great effort, and hopefully got better. As is the Score custom, workouts in the rain are mostly under a roof, to minimize the excuses to not show up.  Since it was the fifteenth of the month, most exercises were called in reps of 15.

Condition: 41 degrees and rainy

The Thang:

Start under the roof in the front of Dreher and circle up:

Side Straddle Hop x15 IC

Hello Dolly x15 IC

Mountain Climber  x15 IC

Boxcutter x15 IC

Stretching exercises, and then go on a breezeway tour to stretch the legs, and stay mostly dry. (Sorry to Moonriver for getting his socks wet on the lower walkway)

Return and repeat the exercises above

Line hops (front and then side to side – 30 seconds each)

Little baby arm circles forwards x15 IC and then backwards x15 IC

High Knees x15 IC

Raise the roof x15 IC

Overhead claps x15 IC

Breezeway tour and return to repeat above exercises

Everyone planks. Pair up and groups of two bear crawl to the first wall and do 15 LBCs – next group starts as the first group does their bear crawls

First group then karaokes to the next wall and does 15 plank jacks, with each group following

First group then lunge walks down the ramp and does 15 LBCs

First group then lunge walks to the end of the breezeway and back, and planks until all arrive

Go back to the beginning doing the same exercises and plank until all arrive

Do a Jacobs ladder circuit:

Do 20 Big Boy Situps at the beginning

Jog to the wall and do 19 Merkins

Jog to the end of the breezeway and do 18 squats

Jog back to middle and do 17 Merkins

Jog back to the beginning and do 16 Big Boy Situps

Continue this pattern until you get to 1

Back to beginning and do planking exercises while everyone finishes


AMRAP Circuit for 5 minutes:

15 Carolina Dry Docks

15 Flutters

15 Prisoner Squats

Breezeway tour

Stop on way back and bear crawl to the end, and then do max big boy situps in one minute

COT and Ball of Man. Glad to be out there with the PAX who all put forth great effort on a nasty day.