• When: 2020-05-09
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Lizard Man, Mic (from Winston Salem), Bing, Freestyle, Tadpole, Gills, Dr. Lovin (R), Soaker, Wax On (FNG), Flex Seal, Cowbell, Honey Boo Boo, Hedges, Kenwood (R).

After a bit of rest, Gut Punch Saturday is back in action

Today was a good day for another edition of GPS.  Since the gates were locked near the track, the course was modified but captured all the elements of the original course.  There was a good mixture of PAX.  Mic was visiting from Winston Salem.  He is in town for Mother’s Day and apparently saw Cowbell running and flagged him down.  Flex Seal brought an FNG out who was ultimately named Wax On.  And Dr. Lovin brought his 3 sons who are all swimmers for Lexington (I believe).

After the workout, Coffeteria was held outside at Lizard’s Thicket.  4 were in attendance and ended up being a pretty entertaining morning.

We grabbed a block and circled up near the blockpile.  A few rolled in right at 6:00.  We went over the route and away we went.

1 minute warning, intro, 1 FNG, disclaimer, prayer

The modified GPS route:

  • Station 1 – Block Pile
    • 11+ Block Thrusters
    • run to…
  • Station 2 – Tennis Courts
    • 11+ Squats, Bearcrawl the first court,
    • 11+ Squats, Bearcrawl the second court,
    • 11+ Squats, turn around, Bearcrawl the second court,
    • 11+ Squats, Bearcrawl the first court,
    • 11+ Squats
    • run to…
  • Station 3 – Planter Box
    • 11+ Step Ups Right Leg
    • 11+ Step Ups Left Leg
    • 11+ Decline Merkins
    • run to…
  • Station 4 – The Hill (in lieu of the Tomcat Stairs)
    • 11+ Hill Climbs (run up and down is one)
    • run to…
  • Station 5 – Back Breezeway (in lieu of the side breezeway)
    • Post 1 to 2, Lunge
    • Post 2 to 3, Broad Jump
    • Repeat
    • Return to start/finish

That is one lap.  Rinse and repeat adding +1 to the reps until time is called.  3 laps was about the average this morning.  We finished up with the Announcements and Prayer.


  • 5/14/20 – The Hollow 5 Year
  • 5/14/20 – Shawshank 6 Year

FNG… Matt ?, 31, from Sumter, 3 boys, Army in Japan, met wife there, works with Flex Seal, family guy…. Mr. Miyagi… extra clean and neat… Wet Wipes… Danielson… Wax-On it is!!!

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