• When: 5/16/2020
  • QIC: PickAxe
  • The PAX: ButterMaker (respect), Lil Papi, DARPA, Roadhouse, Little Giants, Wapner, Quisenberry (The Nantan), Hatchet, Hammer

A socially distant good time

PickAxe accepted the Q last minute so he recycled some previous material with a twist.

Weather was low to mid 60s, clear skies, calm winds and a heavy dew on the ground.

Kudos to the Nantan who was getting some pre-workout miles in as the Pax arrived.

Psa: Wapner has taken to driving exceptionally fast through the parking lot… look alive as you circle up pre workout.

Flag was planted, one minute called, disclaimer given, Lord thanked for the day and moseyed to the teachers lot to circle up for warm-up.

Warm-up included the following exercises, 15 ea ic, ssh, TTT, iw, LBAC forward and reverse. Next we moseyed to the track where a cone was place at the mid point of both long sides.

Pax were give the run down for the no mercy mile (25 squats at the 1st cone, mosey to the end, bear crawl the short end, mosey to the next cone, 25 merkins, mosey the other end, lunge the short end and mosey back to the starting cone to rinse and repeat for one mile). The first lap was completed together then the Pax continued on their own. Time was called at 4/5 mile for some ultimate soccer.

PickAxe divided the group (somewhat randomly) into 2 teams for a game of ultimate soccer. Rules were maintain social distancing, no dribbling, missed shots and turnovers result in a burpee. Heavy dew made play quite interesting, a few goals were scored, a few burpees done.

Back to the flag to close it out with name a rama.

Announcements; F3 10 yr anniversary in Wilmington NC in early 2021, F3 trademarks, look out for Murphy options Memorial Day weekend.

Prayer requests: LG’s father recovering from covid, people struggling as a result of covid.

Devo: Matthew 6:26, our heavenly father will take care of us, trust him.

Note: To all the Pax that weren’t able to make it, you were missed, join us next week!

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