• When: 2021-12-02
  • QIC: Blue Bloods
  • The PAX: Two-Star (R), Skid Mark, Chop Shop, Twerk, Dominion, Tinker, Blue Bloods

7 PAX Celebrate 42 Years With Some Stretching and Flag Football

This morning YHC woke up another year older but ready to take to the gloom to bring the men of Surge something a little different and little bit fun. As we are getting close to the end of another football season and the weather was just perfect for it YHC wanted to relive some youth and thus the Flag Football Q.

Conditions: High 40’s and Clear….FOOTBALL WEATHER

2 min warning…..missed the 1 min warning…..GO TIME!

Disclaimer…not a pro…no FNG…listen to body

Opening Prayer

Mosey to the loading dock

Warmup:  SSH IC x 12; Burpees 2…..12/2….get it?

Before we took to the “gridiron” (asphalt), we wanted to make sure we were plenty loose.  So we did a variety of stretches to loosen up the legs.  We then took on a circuit to loosen up and stretch the area around the IT Band….front leg raises….side leg raises…..clamshells…pistol squats…side steps etc.  

Now we were loose and ready.

We split into One’s and Two’s and 3-on-3 asphalt flag football was under way.  

After each team scored a touchdown the team who gave up the touchdown did 5 burpees.

Final Score:  One’s (or Won’s…either way works here)-5; Two’s 3

*******Two’s did more Burpees then One’s (25-15) so I guess they win that????

Mosey back to Shovel Flag


This morning I came downstairs to my kitchen to ingest the necessary ingredients to make thru a workout….i think Skid Mark calls it the Devil’s Nectar or something.  I saw my family (my M and 2.0’s) set up a “Birthday Table” for me to see before I left for the Gloom and it put me in such a good place.  And as I rolled up to the Gloom and started the disclaimer and the opening prayer, I couldn’t help to feel so much gratitude for the past 42 years the good Lord has Graced me with.  Outside of spending some time with my M and 2.0’s, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate another year on God’s creation than with my brothers of Surge.  I love this fellowship….the prayer…the bonds…the chop breaking…the mumble chatter….the beatdown…the going into this thing with your fellow man, your brother, and to know you have each other to get thru whatever the Q has in store.  Love you guys and the best years are still ahead.  


-Surge Christmas party on Saturday (5-9)

-Dam2Dam upcoming captains meeting

Prayer Requests

-Tinker (Good to see you today Bud!!!)

-Wee Wee

-Keychain and Family

-No Show

-All sick/injured PAX


-All unspoken

Closing Prayer

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