• When: 2017-12-21
  • QIC: Wino
  • The PAX: Babe, Mermaid, Happy Trees ,Urkle, Belding, Snapper, Pole Cat, Caboose, Shankapottamus(Respect), TnG, Wino

52 and a M&M

YHC knew that 51 SSH had to be beat so 52 was the next best option. Thanks to all smokehouse men that posted this morning. Most mornings are cold this time of year but this morning was very pleasant and YHC felt blessed to be able to post. To all the men that didnt post or were elsewhere there is always next time!

Conditions: 48 and Nice


The Thang:


15 TTT

15 IW

15 Windmills

52 SSH(its not a F3 record but it is a smokehouse record!)

Merkin Mile(M&M)

Start at the track and complete 4 laps(1 mile). At the beginning of the lap pax perform 15 given merkins. Halfway around pax performs 15 given merkins. Each lap the pax perform 30 mekins.

Lap 1

15 regular merkins, 15 T plank Merkins (each arm)

Lap 2

15 wide merkins, 15 plank jack merkins

Lap 3

15 diamond to chest merkins, 15 spiderman merkins

Lap 4

15 rocky balboa merkins, 15 diamond to nose merkins

repeat until all pax are done with mile

Mosey to ticket booth for some light poles

At 1st light pole 1 squat. Jog to 2nd light pole 1 merkin. Back to 1st light pole, 1 squat. Jog to 3rd light pole, 2 merkins. Continue until time is called at #8 light pole.




Nativity Ruck @ Wander 5am

Convergence 1/1

Saluda Launch 1/6


Rick Yarborough is cancer free, Snapper sister is having first baby today (uncle snapper)!


This is the time of year that we prune our grapevines. By pruning out the deadwood or cutting back last years growth we make room for good growth and promote fruit growth. As it also applies to our own life, if we do not “prune out the deadwood” we have no room to produce fruit. God wants us to produce fruit for his kingdom and if we don’t prune he will do it for us. Thank you god for loving us so much that you provide places and ways for us to get better or “fruit”. Amen.