• When: 12/19/2017
  • QIC: Caboose
  • The PAX: Tongue n Groove, Shankapotomus, Babe, Rollo, Wilson, Defect, Urkel, Stay Puff, Happy Trees, Wino, Matlock, Aisle 5, Hollywood, Caboose

Sick And “Tired”

This is YHC’s return to Smokehouse after a week of fartsackimg due to a nasty cold. So YHC woke up Tuesday am, blew his nose, hawked up some phlegm and posted to Q something YHC has never Q’d before: a routine which requires breaking the PAX up into groups. And in true Smokehouse fashion YHC screwed up the count and ended up with three groups instead of four as YHC intended. Oh well, these Smokehouse PAX are used to pushing past numerical confusion and doing the Thang anyway. Everybody did work and everybody pushed. It is always an honor to lead the men of Smokehouse!



Mosey to the practice field and line up single file on the track for an Indian Run.

The PAX of Smokehouse love the Indian Run. They love it so much that nobody can wait for the PAX ahead of them to get back in line before they take off after them. It looks more like a herd of buffalo stampeding across the plains than a band of stealthy braves moving swiftly along a forest trail.

Two laps of this mayhem were concluded and a circle was formed.

Abe Vigodas x6 IC

Slow Squats x5 IC

Now count off into 3 groups of 4 (supposed to be 4 groups of 3) and each of the 2 remaining PAX join a team.

Now to conquer the new (and intrusive) fence, which now stands between the PAX’s blockpile and the track and field, and grab 2 blocks per team. Smokehouse PAX let no obstacle deter them! It’s around the edge of the fence, through the limbs of the official fallen tree of the B-L Panthers (we really need to clean that thing up) to reach the block pile.

Now take your block and line up in the end zone behind a tractor tire.

The Thang:

One PAX flips tire x10 while the remaining PAX do AMRAP Burpees or Block Thrusters. When a PAX has done his flips the next PAX Bear Crawls out and begins his x10 tire flips and the remaining PAX switch between Burpees and Thrusters.

x20 Tire Flips done by all PAX

Plenty of time left and the PAX weren’t very enthusiastic about the idea of more Tire Flips so line back up for….

An Indian Run Tutorial:

The PAX form a single file line and begin to run with the first PAX setting the pace. The last PAX sprints to the front of the line now becoming the first PAX in line. The next PAX from the back WAITS until the PAX ahead of him has taken his place in front before sprinting to the head of the line and so on and so forth.

Execute Indian Run properly one lap.

Plenty of time left- To Hite Hill!


1x Merkin at bottom

10x Squats at top

Increasing one Merkin and dropping one Squat until you get to 10x Merkins and 1x Squats.

As far as YHC knows all PAX completed this exercise.

Mosey back to shovelflag

Good work men!

Kotters to Rollo and Aisle 5, glad to have y’all back!

Spoiler Alert:

For YHCs next Q we will execute the tire routine the way YHC has envisioned it, and it will REALLY suck!



Nativity Ruck: @Wander 12/24. Starts @5 ends @7

New Year’s Day convergence @ Lexington High School. 7am. Multiple Q’s and your choice of workouts. Park in front.

Prayer Requests:

Julia Shealy

Chad Arant

Heyward Bouknight

Family of Saluda utilities worker who died of a heart attack

Wilsons co- workers stepfather Jim, who has dementia, and his family