• When: 2019-03-26
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Ken Doll, Quisenberry, Cheers, Kenwood (R).

Kenwood’s first Zoom Q

So the virus is out there.  Creeping around.  Cannot be seen.  Everyone is playing it safe.  Staying home. Being smart.  We, as F3, want to do the right thing.  Be leaders.  Be examples.  But this whole separation thing is tugging at what F3 loves – to be together, to help each other, to fellowship.  So we’re adapting as we always do.  Last week we were encouraging PAX to do workout on their own – which many did.  This week we got the news that schools will be out for much longer, and normal living will be changed for quite a while.  So F3 has to adapt accordingly.  Virtual workouts are the next best thing.  A happy medium between struggling by yourself and normal F3.  So today I held a workout via Zoom.  It was a workout from Bada Bing in Florida posted by the Social Dist twitter handle.  There is a little learning curve behind Zoom but is really pretty straight forward.  The typical workouts will have to be tweaked to be virtual friendly.  I.e. – it’s not practical to run else the guys will get “scattered”.  How to tweak… run in place!  So that’s what we did where the weinke called out running.  Here is what we did…

Quick intro, quick disclaimer, skipped our usual beginning prayer.

Here is the weinke we tweaked…  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cELA19Uo6q4gtEwP0QNTneyImVLGhCjG/view

I kept everything OYO

The Warm-Up

  • Side Straddle Hops – In Cadence x 10
  • Hillbillies – In Cadence x 10
  • Michael Phelps – In Cadence x 10
  • Prisoner Squats – In Cadence x 10
  • Merkins – In Cadence x 10

The Thang10 Rounds

Round 1

  • Side Straddle Hops – 30 total
  • Prisoner Squat – 20 total
  • Burpee -10 total
  • Run in place ~20 seconds

Round 2 

  • Rocky Balboa Jump Ropes – 30 total (imagine you have an invisible jump rope)
  • Seal Jacks – 20 total
  • Iron Mikes – 10 each leg (20 total) (alternating jump lunges)
  • Run in place ~20 seconds

Round 3

  • Mountain Climbers – 30 each leg (60 total)
  • Hollowback Flutters – 20 each leg (40 total) – (hands extended above head while doing flutter kicks)
  • Groiners – 10 total (this is the jump forward/backward part of a burpee)
  • Run in place ~20 seconds

Round 4

  • High Knees – 30 each leg (60 total)
  • Merkins – 20 total
  • Double Trouble (Burpee + Air Jordan) – 10 total
  • Run in place ~20 seconds

Round 5

  • Plank Jacks – 30 total
  • Sprinter Sit Up – 20 total (It’s like a WWI sit-up)
  • 2-way Squat Jumps – 10 total (squat jump with a twist left then squat jump right, etc. – can swap out for normal squat jumps here)
  • Run in place ~20 seconds

Round 6

  • Smurf Jacks – 30 total (a side straddle hop while squatting)
  • Box cutters – 20 total (on six, making the shape of a square with your legs)
  • Shoulder Tap Merkins – 10 each arm (20 total)
  • Run in place ~20 seconds

Round 7

  • Monkey Humpers – 30 total
  • Pop Jack – 20 total (A groiner but stand up in between each)
  • Speed Skaters – 10 each leg (20 total)
  • Run in place ~20 seconds

Round 8

  • Bobby Hurleys – 30 total
  • Toe Reaches – 20 total (on six, feet up in air – reach for toes)
  • Hand Release Merkins – 10 total
  • Run in place ~20 seconds

Round 9

  • Air Jordans – 30 total
  • Diamond Merkins – 20 total
  • Shoulder Tap Burpees – 10 total (a burpee with two shoulder taps before hitting the deck)
  • Run in place ~20 seconds

Round 10

  • Squat Pulses – 30 total (a low squat, pulse up only halfway)
  • Spider Man Merkins – 20 total (a merkin with a Peter Parker)
  • Star Jumps – 10 total (squat, power jump with arms out like a star)

We finished up the workout and chatted a little bit.  I have some takeaways from the whole virtual workout thing.


  • There are more exercises that I personally need to learn.  What I didn’t know I made up.  Some I thought I knew, I did wrong.
  • Ken Doll knows all the exercises.  He probably named them all himself!
  • Cheers has good running form.  At least that is what is Zoom Avatar shows.  We’re not sure if he was actually working out since his video was off.  We’ll never know.


  • SAFE Lexington is still on schedule for now.
  • Gauntlet is delayed.

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