• When: 2020-03-27
  • QIC: RockDrop
  • The PAX: Cheers, Recall, Argyle, RockDrop (Respect)

Virtual Beatdown at Urban Legend

YHC posts in Atlanta on occasion when traveling there and as such follows F3 Atlanta on Twitter.  They posted a link for a virtual bootcamp on Wednesday via Zoom which I attended, so I figured I could do the same for Urban Legend.  Argyle was all for it and thus a legend was born.  Today 4 extremely HIM fought the fartsack while the rest of Goo Nation got caught up on their beauty sleep….there are an elite few who simply don’t need it.  Today’s beatdown consisted of standing in front of a computer, running in place, and a whole bunch of versions of burpees, merkins, and squats.  Great work was done, and YHC was covered in a light coat of sweat unsure if the workout was challenging or I was becoming part of Goo Nation.  I am going with the former.

Conditions:  60 degrees and cloudy.

The Thang:





Good Mornings – 10 x 4-count OYO

TTT – 10 x 4-count OYO

Windmill – 10 x 4-count OYO

Walk in Place – 30 Seconds

Jog in Place – 30 Seconds

High Knees – 30 Seconds

Half-Jacks – 30 Seconds

SSH – 30 Seconds


Round 1:

5 Burpees – Run in place 30 seconds

5 Burpees – 20 Pretzel Crunches – Run in place 30 seconds

5 Burpees – 20 Pretzel Crunches – 30 Jump Squats – Run in place 30 seconds

5 Burpees – 20 Pretzel Crunches – 30 Jump Squats – 40 Hand Release Merkins


Round 2.  All exercises done while holding 10 lb. weights unless specified.

Alternate Heel Taps – 1 minute

Upright Row – 25

Dual Shoulder Press – 25

Standing Alternate Knee Crunch – 25 each leg

Front Kick 90 Degree Hold – 25 each leg

Hammer Curls – 25

Hammer Curl Squat – 15

Straight Leg Raise – 25 each leg

Weighted Up-Downs – 10

Triangle Merkins on Weights – 15

Weighted Squats – 15

Plank Hold on Weights – 1 minute

Mountain Climbers – 25 x 2-Count (no weights)

Burpee Front Kick – 10 (no weights)

Reciprocating Curls 4 Girls – 25 each arm

Plank Walk Spider Lunge – 10 (no weights)

Shoulder Fly/Hips Forward – 15

Shoulder Press – 25

Flutter Kicks – 25 x 4-count (no weights)

Deadlift Hammer Curl – 15

Crunch Frog – 15

Light Stretch to Finish





  • F3 Working on virtual bootcamp strategy for all AOs; be on the lookout next week or two
  • Most everything else is on hold for now

Prayer Requests:

  • People impacted by Coronavirus
  • Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, and Researchers in the fight
  • Dawn Merck
  • Dear Diary Family

(Not Really a) Devotional:

During this COVID-19 crisis, we may tend to think that everything is “out of” or beyond our control.  Every day you hear someone say “these are uncharted waters” or “we’ve never been here before.”  It seems we have no control over what is happening, and with so much going on in the world that you cannot control, what CAN you control?  Dave Ramsey had a live stream last night and talked about three things you can control right now:

1.  Control your ATTITUDE

-Maintain self-control

-Maintain self-discipline

2.  Control your MONEY

-A government stimulus is not going to fix your life

-Stay on budget or start budgeting

3.  Control your OPPORTUNITY

-Be around the right people

-Put yourself in places that set you up for the future and future success

Have a great weekend!


YHC had some technology problems this morning but was able to transition from laptop to iPad relatively fast, so thanks to the PAX for their patience.

Did not do any exercises “in cadence” due to uncertainty on how this would transmit across Zoom so would be curious if others have tried and their results.

See you next time.  Be Legendary.

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