• When: 2020-02-04
  • QIC: Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Wire Nuts, Scotch, Tar Paper, Watson, Beanie, MineCraft, Gypsy, She Shed, Field Goal, Iron Mary (R)

IM’s Whistle Test at The Beech House

This morning YHC made his 2nd trip over to Lexington’s newest AO, The Beech House.  It was great to be back and see most of the same guys that were posted the last time YHC Q’d there.  It’s obvious this group is meshing well, getting better and better, and are living up to the standard that is F3 Lexington.  Ten (10) grown men took their DRP this morning and here’s what they did:

Weather:  Perfect 50 degrees



Mosey to the parking lot for COP

COP – all in cadence

SSH x 15

TTT x 10

IW x 10

OH Clap x 10

Mosey around the parking lot toward the block pile stopping at each light pole to perform these exercises.

Merkins x 10

Bobby Hurley’s x 10

There were approximately 8 light poles and we alternated exercise along the way

Mosey up the hill to the block pile and quick mosey back to where we started.

The Thang

IM’s Whistle Test

Circle up around the speaker

YHC downloaded a pacer app to use for our beep test workout

1st Beep Test

Grab your blocks.  After you hear the beep (actually a whistle) complete Curls x 5 and then wait for the next beep and complete Curls x 5.  Continue until failure.

Continue pattern with the following exercises.  Complete each after beep until failure then move to the next.

  • OH Press x 4
  • Merkins x 3
  • Burpees x 2
  • Thrusters x 1

The beep pace gets faster and faster as you progress through this workout.

Mary – All in cadence

Flutter Kick x 25

Gas Pumps x 10

LBC x 20

2nd Beep Test

The second beep test was your typical “Pacer” test.

Two markers were spaced 20m apart

The PAX line up for the start at one marker.

On the beep, each PAX proceeds to the other marker.  Each PAX must arrive at the marker prior to the beep.  The beep pace gets faster and faster throughout exercise.

Continue until failure

Recover then mosey back to your block

  • KB Swings OYO (Approx. x 25)
  • Merkins OYO (Approx. x 20)
  • Sumo Squats OYO (Approx. x 30)
  • OH Press OYO (Approx. x 40)

Quickly Return blocks and then mosey back to Shovel Flag for COT and BOM





  • Dam2Dam Relay – February 15th
  • Need a Q for Saturday at Beech House
  • F3 Lexington 6 Year Convergence – February 29th
  • The Gauntley – Sometime in April

Prayer Requests:

  • Ponzi
  • Cheer’s Co-worker
  • Marriages
  • Gypsy’s Mom
  • Noonan – F3 Naperville PAX
  • F3 Sumter PAX that passed away this past weekend


Moleskin:  Had a blast out there with you men this morning!  Thanks for allowing me to lead you.  It’s great to see this group coming together so well!  Continue to hold each other accountable and push yourselves get better in all areas.  If you do, great things will happen!  I’ve seen it all over our region and there’s no doubt you men will continue that trend.  Take pride in this AO.  You all have a lot to be proud of!  See you in the gloom!

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