• When: 2019-03-07
  • QIC: Short Haul
  • The PAX: Rebar, Joepa, Breaker Breaker(R), Toe Ring, Bulldog, Midrange(R), Hopper(R), Spackle(R), Shades of Gray

4 Years of Betterment — In More Ways Than You’d Think

Testimonial and Wall of Text Incoming. You have been warned! This week marks YHC’s 4th year as an F3 Brother. Listening to Long Haul and Cheech was one of the best decisions YHC has ever made. (Gonna drop the F3 Lexicon for this next part — Cobains)

I have never felt physically fit in any way. When Long Haul initially EH’ed me, it was when he found me sad-clowning (OK, SOME lexicon) in the gym at work, toiling away on an elliptical, and getting nowhere, literally and figuratively. Later that morning, LH brought Cheech over to my desk, to further put me at ease about coming out… “OK” I said, I’ll try it out. LH recommended Graveyard as it is right across I-20 from where I work. I can get in a boot camp, then shower at work, and be ready to start my day at 7. Perfect.

That first boot camp was lead by none other than our current Graveyard AOQ, Shades of Grey. I don’t remember every detail, but I do recall a particular exercise in which we ran diagonally across the football field performing burpees at certain intervals. I started out fast, eager to prove that I belonged, but was smoked and near merlot by the 4th set of burpees! I also distinctly recall being unable to run (OK, slowsey) non-stop up the hill from the tennis courts to the bus loop where Boneyard meets. Since that first boot camp, many things have changed.

I am now a huge fan of running… whereas before I was the one making the joke that I’d only run when chased. I’m actually looking forward to the challenge of my first marathon in December, instead of shying away. I now look forward to the tough boot camps filled with all kinds terrible ideas, instead of being nervous about what may be asked of me. These are physical improvements, but they have brought along so many more improvements in my life! Because of the encouragement, the challenge, and the accountability brought by F3 and its PAX, I’m no longer going through life scared by things that used to cause me fear. I have had an enormous boost in my confidence and self-worth. I no longer feel like a lone survivor endlessly treading water.

We always say “F3 is more than a workout”. We say it often enough that it could be cliche… that is until you see those words turn into action. THAT is what keeps me coming back: seeing the F3 community rally around any and all causes. Cheech and Digits are two that hit close to home for our Lexington community, but I see it through social media as well. PAX across the country coming together for each other; its a thing of beauty. I know that if my family ever has a time of need, the F3 PAX will be right there in the thick of it with me, encouraging and supporting me.

I’m glad I said yes to Cheech and Long Haul. I’m glad I said yes to dumb CSAUP’s like the P200 and Blue Ridge Relay. Challenging myself physically has caused me to grow. Challenging myself mentally and spiritually has caused me to step out and Q workouts, mentor at my local elementary school, and take more leadership roles in my life. None of this would be possible if I hadn’t said ‘yes’.

And now here’s the challenge. None of this would be possible if Cheech and Long Haul hadn’t put me in an emotional headlock, and asked me in the first place.

I’m in no way trying to place F3 anywhere near to the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but they are similar in that we shouldn’t keep them to ourselves. Both are a great gift. While I had the Gospel in my heart before F3, I wasn’t really applying myself. F3 got me over the fear of failure, and now I’m more effective in both.

Now, on to why you’re all here!

#TClaps to Bulldog and Toe Ring for putting in some work on the track for SL

#TClaps to Rebar for YHC’s favorite ever boot camp quote “Short Haul, you always take things too far” in response to 50 merkins, then 40 SSH.


Conditions: 29 degrees and clear with a glorious sunrise

The Thang:

Mosey down to field for a lap and a half, circle up on gator.

Merkins x50 (Good Form) OYO
SSH x40 IC
IW x30 IC
TTT x20 IC
OHC x10 IC
LBAC Rev. x10 IC

Head to corner at goal line and sideline. Starting from there, run diagonally across the field to the number ’10’, do 2 burpees. Run diagonally to ’20’, do 4 burpees, to ’30’, 6 burpees, ’40’, 8 burpees), ’50’, 10 burpees, then back down to 40/8, 30/6, 20/4, 10/2 then back to goal line. This got the PAX nice and toasty on a frigid morning.

Time to get swole:
Head up to block cage, all PAX grab one

Circle up/Arm Mountain
“Climb” the mountain:
1 merkin, 2 tricep-extensions, 4 curls for the girls, increasing reps as we go:
2, 4, 8
3, 6, 12
4, 8, 16
5, 10, 20
6, 12, 24
7, 14, 24
8, 16, 32
“Descend into the valley”
6, 12, 24
4, 8, 16
2, 4, 8 — same exercises
Shoulder Mountain
The “climb”
1 press w/ block, 2 upright/back rows w/ block, 4 delt raises (alternating side/front raises w/ bricks)
2, 4, 8
3, 6, 12
4, 8, 16
5, 10, 20
6, 12, 24
7, 14,28

No time for descent, so we finished near the top!

Blocks and bricks back to the cage, mosey to flag.

– P200 March 22nd – 23rd — DM Iron Mary to get hooked up with a team.
– Quarry Crusher Run March 23rd – Register Here
– March 16th – Lexington Race Against Hunger (New Route)
– Mentors needed for kids around Lexington 1. DM Ken Doll or YHC to get plugged in
– Q’s needed at Graveyard! Get with SOG
– Gauntlet 2019 – Pre-blast with details

Prayer Requests:
– Kukoc, M, and 2.0 Sullivan
– SOG’s buddy, Kevin’s Father w/ pneumonia
– Wells family
– Blindside / Volley’s 2.0 Maggie

Devotion: 1 Thessalonians 5:18
“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”

We climbed a few mountains, and descended into a few valleys this morning. Life is the same way, and whether you’re on top enjoying life, and down low wondering what got you so messed up, praise God! Turn to Him in the good, and the bad. He’s got your back, no matter where you are.