• When: 2019-03-07
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Shankapotomus-R, Happy Trees, Wino, Pullout, Polecat, Swayze, Kung Fu Grip, Puck, Babe, Nub

Just a friendly game of tag

So as I am the only pax that is still going with the #noburpees2019 theme @Smokehouse, I had to think of something else that I loved just as much as burpees, yep those who know me know i just love Running.  The goal was to push over 2 miles but since i forgot to start my watch and didn’t notice til the 5 mins left mark we’ll have to just guess, yes yes we did hit the 2 mile mark with some work done in between the runs.  And what would a Nub Q be without a bit of #mantouching so we played a tag but since that seemed too hard most just modified the tag part.

Conditions: 29°, I’m calling it, the last sub freezing BC of the spring

1 min warning


Mosey to brick pile and grab 2 per pax

COP w/bricks

LBAC forwards x 10 IC

Shoulder taps x 10 IC

LBAC backerds x 10 IC

Shoulder taps x 10 IC

Dirty birds x 10 IC

Shoulder taps x 10 IC (even Swayze’s attempt to stink me out can’t phase me)

OHC x 10 IC

Count off to 4 then bricks up and mosey to track

The Thang

form 2 groups of 4 (remember your number and two extra pax just fell in as a 1)

The concept seemed pretty easy but well maybe not. 1 to 2’s to 3’s to 4’s back to 1.

1’s and 4’s headed down the track 100 yards.  2’s and 3’s stay at the start.  1’s will Run back and tag 2’s who are doing Jump Squats, 3’s will be Low planking until tagged by 2’s.  3’s then run down the 100 yds to tag 4’s who are doing SSH‘s and around and around we go until everyone has completed 3 total rounds.  100 yds sprints = speed work part of WO.

Next we’ll keep the same format but head to the top and bottom of the track. 1’s run half a lap then tag 2’s doing BBSU’s then to 3’s doing bar work (pax choice of pullups, knee ups, dips or Australian p/ups) then 3’s run back down to 4’s on the far end of the track who are doing more SSH‘s and around and around we go until Recover called.

Then meet at Hash Hill for the cooldown. At Hash Hill, 1’s will be on top with 4’s. 1’s will Crawl Bear down the hill and tag 2’s doing BBSU’s to 3’s doing T-plank merkins then 3’s back up the hill to tag 4’s doing Calf Raises.  Keep this going until time is called.  Mosey to SF.

Count/Name o rama

Announcements–Guest Q Saturday, lets get big numbers for Columbo! Shealy’s coffeteria to follow

Prayer concerns–Babe’s 2.0 Dr today to hopefully get cast off leg, Wilson’s grandmother taken to ER last night, Wilson’s neighbors family in his untimely passing last week. Wino’s MIL with her upcoming back surgery.  Farmers


Enjoyed it as always guys! #ISI #F3counts