• When: 2019-03-05
  • QIC: DriSoket
  • The PAX: Fergie(R) Deadstick(R) Katniss Emmy Ebert DriSoket

Next excercise is!!! Umm….

YHC is limited to where he can post due to his work schedule but The Stand is on the way to work and YHC loves to come visit the #HIMS there!!! Need to make it a more regular thing!!! YHC had a good weinke planned but the weather screwed the pooch on that one so YHC justed winged it in pure Notebook fashion. Here’s what went down to the best of my memory…

Conditions: Butt cold and WET!

COT: Disclaimer No FNGs Prayer

The Thang: 

Warm up

Circle up under covered area for

SSH x 20ic

TTT x15ic

Hillbillies x 20ic

merkin circle x5 hold plank

shoulder taps x 15 hold plank

Mt climbers x 15 hold plank

Merkins x 5 Recover

Go Grab a block and return to covered area all excercises were in cadence in reps of 15-25 *At some point Emmy started counting by 2s for some reason??


Tri Ext



Block Squat

Skull Crushers



V Ups

Am Ham with block

Flutter Kicks with block

Gas pumps

Boat Canoe


Incline Merkins

Decline Merkins

Freddie Mercuries

Skull crushers again

Tri ext again

Peoples chair arms out and over head

Balls to the wall

Put blocks up and return to covered area for some

Dealers Choice mary

Ebert did some Figure skating crap

Katniss Heel Touch x15ic

Emmy Flutter kick x 30ic

Time called!!

COT: Countarama Namarama



Prayer Request 


Navy Bean loss of Father