• When: 2022-08-01
  • QIC: Blue Bloods
  • The PAX: Ranger (R), Hoist, Iron Mary (R), Blue BlodsRanger

4 PAX Start August off with a Roll of the Dice at The Bounty

While sitting around enjoying a restful Sunday YHC knew that there was a Q fast approaching at The Bounty.  Other than go in there with some 400m repeats or 800m repeats or fartleks or whatever (not that those are bad), YHC wanted to leave it to chance.  After doing some research, a new idea to shake up the speed work was brought about.

But where was I going to find dice.  I asked the M if we had any and she informed YHC that there is one die in the 2.0’s Peppa Pig Monopoly game.  So after the kiddos were put to bed the die was secured without them knowing (luckily it was returned without incident as well).  The die was brought to The Bounty on yet another soupy day in beautiful Lexington, SC.

Conditions: High 70’s and like the inside of a wool hat

2 minute warning…..1 minute warning….lesssss go!!!!!!

Disclaimer, Not a Pro (at this or anything else in life for that matter), listen to body, modify if need be.

Warmup: Two-lap mosey at a conversation pace…frankensteins….butt kicks…high knees….karaoke….shuffle…a minute to stretch.

The thang…..

With a single die in hand YHC handed it over to The Bounty’s AOQ for the first roll…..how it works..

1st Roll = Interval

2nd Roll = Distance

For example….if a PAX rolls a 3 then rolls a 6 the first exercise is 3 – 600m repeats (followed by 100m recovery slowsy in between).

Here’s how the dice played out at The Bounty

Roll 1 – 1/3 (1-300m run followed by 100m recovery slowsy)

Roll 2- 1/1 (1-100m run followed by 100m recovery slowsy)

Roll 3 2/3 (2-300m run followed by 100m recovery slowsy)

Roll 4 6/4 (6-400m repeats followed by 100m recovery slowsy)

2 lap recovery mosey and back to the flag

Total Distance: 4.01 miles.

Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama


-Dad’s Camp (8/19-8/21)

-Stomp the Swamp (8/20)

-Jail Break Escape (8/20)

-Surge is converging at Beechhouse for the next 2 weeks due to road work

Prayer Requests:

-Ranger’s co-work Doug Foot surgery

-Aging Parents

-Sick FiA’s and F3’s battling cancer

-F3’s battling COVID

-No Show



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