• When: 2023-02-28
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Revere, Dunphy (R), Hash & Rice, Shades of Grey, Knozit (R), Ken Doll, Cheers, Brick, Coon Dog, Soaker

23’s and other stuff

2/28/2000 was a spectacular day in the Soaker household. That’s the day our youngest 2.0 poked his head out of the birth canal and made a grand entrance into the world. Reese, aka Enlisted for those who know him, is a unique little fella. Good humor, good laugh, good heart, and heavy foot. He is trying to catch up to me in speeding tickets, but I still have him on tickets and points. There are probably better things to compete at, but this is what we have.

5 runners showed up for SL. 4 ran as a group and 1 was like the red solo cup. Friendly, confident, but still solo. We had one more HC for SL and BC but the fartsack won again, again.

Weather – mid 60’s, clear, perfect.

1 minute warning, disclaimer, no FNG’s, open in prayer (awkward head rub during this part).


SSH x 23 IC, LBAC x 10 IC (front and back), OH Clap x 20 IC, Michael Phelps x 15 IC.

Mosey to Jailbreak shelters.

The goal was 5 rounds of the following. Most of us were somewhere in the beginnings of round 4. KD finished 4 rounds. This guy is a stud. Always leading in number of completed reps and a highly-acclaimed author. If I were younger, I would want to be like him when I grew up.


10 pull-ups followed by 23 mountain climbers (2ct). Head to the sand volleyball courts and bear crawl the first 2 then drop for 23 merkins. Bear crawl the last 2 and hit 23 carolina dry docks. Lunge back stopping halfway for 23 squats. Upon exiting the courts, 23 sumo squats. From there, run to a lonely light pole in the corner of the fields for 23 lbc’s and 23 bbsu’s.

No burpees. This might be YHC’s first Q with no burpees and was definitely my first Q calling for bear crawls. The world was turned upside down for a bit and it was actually enjoyable.

Time was called and the pax head to the calf raise station for 3 sets of 23 raises. Recover and return to the general locale of where the flag is normally planted. See above fartsack comment.


March 4 – F3 Lexington convergence at RBHS

Run against hunger, Lighthouse for Life doing something, a few others. I really should have recorded these.

Prayer requests:

Garth – recovery

Coon Dog – loss of Aunt

Number of others that are struggling with health and loss.

Knozit – Dothan, AL – going to miss this guy. Always pushing and encouraging.

Close in prayer.

Devo – more of a thought. Looking back at life, raising children can be difficult. No better reward, no bigger challenges. All that to say, if you have young children, be encouraged. I can testify of God’s goodness in my family and have seen Him get hold of mine as they turned into young adults. God is always working and does not depend on our parenting weaknesses and failures to do something great in the lives of our kids.


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