• When: 2021-10-07
  • QIC: Blue Bloods, Keychain
  • The PAX: Mulligan, Lt. Dan, Bogey, Tinker, Richter, Wee Wee, Net Zero, Skid Mark, Chop Shop, Butt Dial (R), Dominion, Wanderer, Black Betty, Twerk, Blue Bloods, Keychain

16 PAX Took to the Gloom to Celebrate 4 Years of Surge

When YHC first came to Surge in June of 2020, I had no idea what to expect.  But what was observed was a group of men, who joked, who talked, who did what they had to in order to get through a workout and help their fellow man through it as well.  What was also observed was men who cared about each other, genuinely, not just on the surface.  Anyone can engage in surface conversation with the old “How you doing?” and not even listen to the response, if one is even given.  But this group of men asked and genuinely cared.  If you’re up they know….if you’re down they know.  

Today we celebrated 4 years of greatness know as Surge.  In the short time YHC has been with Surge he has seen new faces come and go, new faces come and stay, faces come visit be exposed to the fellowship for the first time then return home and become welcomed additions to their hometown F3 brotherhood and Surge brothers visit other places to find F3 AOs welcoming them with open arms.  We have seen the good, gotten better, been inspired by others, lost weight, ran races, took part in fellowship, took part in numerous CSAUP events.  But we’ve also seen sickness, we’ve lost loved ones, we have overcome COVID, gone through marital trials, gone through addiction and recovery issues, and we all remain steadfast and loyal to each other, to help each other in any way we can….a true brotherhood.

To find the brotherhood called Surge is a Blessing for YHC and a bigger Blessing is to serve as CO-AOQ this group of men.  As we celebrated this morning, YHC and the CO-QIC wanted to pay homage to the OG’s that started this whole thing….the Rec’s, Wee Wee’s, and Escobar’s; the AOQs that followed, the Dominion’s, and Twerk’s to name a few.  So we took to the cards and combined it with the signature Surge workout.   

Here’s what went down..

Conditions:  70 and GLOOMY

1 minute warning

Disclaimer:  Not a Pro, NO FNG, Modify if Needed

Opening Prayer

The Thang

No time for a warmup, the mosey to the school entrance would have to suffice; entrance of the school coincidentally is also the starting point of the Surge signature workout; the Flood.  While we were on the Flood route we decided to use the route markings to do different exercises complete the challenge.  The challenge was to do 1461 reps…1 rep for every day for 4 years of Surge….365 days x 3 years + 366 days (1 leap year) is 1461 days.  There are 18 stations on the Flood route so the PAX turned to the F3 deck of cards.  A PAX would pick a card at each station and all the PAX would complete 80 reps at each station.  The PAX who picks the card had to give the background story of their F3 name.  80 reps x 18 stations = 1458 reps.  When we returned to the Shovel Flag YHC, the CO-QIC and the Mystery Q each completed 1 burpee each to hit the number 1461.





2nd F Oct 9 7:30ish at Spring Hill Lake Clubhouse

Surge hosting Saturday Convergence Oct. 9, 6am

Welcome and Congrats to Black Betty taking the baton from Keychain as the CO-AOQ at Surge

Prayer Requests:


Escobar and Jake running Chicago Marathon

Runners training for upcoming races

Praise for the number of PAX that turned out….and if Tinker with a torn up back still shows up, theres no reason to Fartsack,

DEVO (Well Done Keychain)

Closing Prayer


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