• When: 2019-01-15
  • QIC: Ball Boy
  • The PAX: Rocking Chair (Respect), Training Wheels (Respect), Thumbs Up (Respect), Butter Maker (Respect), Rebar, Red Eye, Dr. Quinn, Strut, No Help, Tail Pipe, Short Haul, Paddles, Hemingway

1/15/19 Crypt Q

Weather: clear, 45 degrees, moist

The Thang: intro, disclaimer, prayer

Short loop around the parking lot, then the warm up:

SSH x 11

a brutal (but thankfully brief) attempt at Imperial Walkers x 5 due to the Q’s inability to coordinate moving and counting

TTT x 10 #niceandslow

LBAC x 15 each way

OHC x 10, run to the gym at the back of school.

The Q counted PAX in two groups of 7, then realized he had 6 exercises so split the PAX into 4 groups of 2 and 2 groups of 3 for five rounds of the following with some eclectic music:

5 pull ups

20 squats

20 hyper-extensions in the tires

20 step ups (10 each side)

20 calf raises

Walking lunge down and back on the turf mat

Plank until last group was finished, run back to the flag for 5 MoM: 81 second low plank, 16 scissor kicks, 18 single leg bridge (9 each side), boat/canoe, and American Hammer x 15


Announcements – MGC Long Run 2/2/19, Dam to Dam Relay 2/16/19

Prayer requests – Red Eye’s wife (upcoming surgery 1/28/19), O’Brien family, Colton from Zion Lutheran

BOM/Devo – Thumbs Up spoke about finding our anointed “rock,” where/when we decide to lean on God and thank Him for the joys and struggles in our lives.