• When: 09/10/14
  • QIC: Pebbles
  • The PAX: Moonshine, Bob the Builder, Pajanimal, Mall Cop, Quest, Pebbles

Where is My Dang Egg Roll

6 PAX submerged at our beloved #Anchor AO, including two FN-toKB-Gs. As YHC arrived on the scene it looked like something out of a bad 80’s movie — Pajanimal sat removing his roller blades and exchanging them for a plus-size model KB and a dumbell. But the number 6 sent YHC even farther into pre-historic movie past as he recounted that with 6 there should be an egg-roll. Despite any hopes, there were certainly no egg-rolls in this smokefest — just a lot of sweat and weakness leaving the body…


SSH 50 IC (YHC just kept going was we waited for a late-comer to mosey on over and join in — wanted to make sure he didn’t miss anything.)
IW 20 IC
Squat 10 IC
Arm Circles 12 (each direction) IC

Mosey to the grass

5 Burpees OYO

1000 Rep Challenge
20 KB swings // around the world (10 each dir.)
X 5 sets OYO
KB squat // oblique lean (10 each dir.)
X 5 sets OYO
KB dead lift // around the head (10 each dir.)
X 5 sets OYO
KB bent row (10 each arm) // 20 shoulder press
X 5 sets OYO
KB curl (10 each arm) // 20 tri-cep extensions
X 2 sets OYO (The aim was for 5 sets but we were out of time. and smoked!)

Russian twist with KB 26 IC



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