• When: 09/10/14
  • QIC: Nail Pop
  • The PAX: Hoser, Candystripe, Voltron, The Closer, Peachy, Quisenberry, Nail Pop, Thumbs Up

Striders run backwards lollipop with a twist… Nail Pop at the helm

This is respectfully submitted on behalf of Nailpop.

8 posted for morning jaunt thru Whiteford.  I like to call this the backwards “Lollipop” with a twist.

The thang:

Head out of Lowes parking lot and turn left onto Whiteford Way.  Go down the hill and to the roundabout.  Turn left and continue till you get to Silverstone and turn right.  Yes, that’s the road with the huge hill you have to run up.  When you get to the stop sign at the top of Silverstone, turn left and continue to the entrance to Whiteford on North Lake Dr. When you get there make a U-turn and head back toward Shallowbrooke.  Turn left onto Shallowbrooke and continue until you get to the roundabout.  This is roughly a 2.6-2.7 mile loop.  Do the loop again and then head back to Lowes.


Great effort by all the PAX that attended.  Some PAXs made it around twice for a total of 5 plus miles.  Awesome job.  YHC cannot say that for himself. Thanks for pushing each other and striving to get better each day out.  The hill work was tough, but we all managed to push thru.  Tclaps to The Closer for leading the way with Voltron after being gone for a month.  You are a beast.  Sorry that it ran over a bit.

BOM – Prayer led by Quisenberry


  • Goruck
  • Mud Run – October 4th
  • Prayer request – Thumbs Up daughter has mono and continued prayer for Walker.  I know there are more out there so please don’t be shy, that’s what we are here for guys.

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